Friday, November 22, 2013

Something to Remember

Last Friday I had an amazing time! I met two of my favorite authors, of course you know who they are. Yes, I am talking about Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover!! Jamie McGuire was there too. I started reading one of her books, but I never finish it ( I might do it soon) because I think most of the people at the signing were there specially for Jamie's books. Jamie was really well spoken, she looks though, but she is also fun and went to a hard time before she came a famous author. Colleen was the quiet one, really really nice and she truly cares about her books. Abbi is all I imagine to be, she is so uplifting, she is fun and she really reflects that on her books! She is amazing. We were there for an hour or so asking questions, then we waited in line for another hour and a half to get our books sing, but all this was worth it. It is an amazing opportunity to meet them, this is once in a life time. Thanks to Jasmine who went with me and we together had a really good time!

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