Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just One Night

Just One night by Kyra Davis
The back of this book says that this book gives Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money and that this novel gives some depth, respect, and sexual tension to the genre, but I don't believe that. I really didn't like this book as much as other books of this genre. It started really good at the beginning, Kasie a Harvard grad who works in one of the best companies of LA. Kasie is responsible, smart, and determined, and she is also engaged with her dream guy. Dave comes from a good family, he is rich, has a good job, and above all loves Kasie.  Although their relationship is really predictable, she knows that Dave is the guy for her, she doesn't want to disappoint her family, and she doesn't want to disappoint herself. Everything is going well until one day she goes to Vegas with her best friend, who encourages her to sleep with a stranger before she marries Dave, she wants her to enjoy her life for this last time. This is how she meets Robert an intense, dangerous, dominant and of course rich guy who wants her from that very same moment, and like that they have a wild night together. After that night she returns to her predictable life at work and with Dave, until Robert Dade finds her. That part was interesting, and that part I did like, but  the rest of the book wasn't that interesting, everybody went crazy! Robert was too possessive, not seductive possessive he was just rich and wanted everyone to serve him. Kasie was in between two people who wanted her to be like a puppet. Her co-workers were crazy. Every other book that I read of this genre have some romance on them. I have felt the chemistry the romance even the love between the characters, and that makes me understand about the dominance from the male and jealousy. It is a good book but sadly  not one of my favorites. BTW for my understanding this paperback includes the three ebooks in one.

Here is the link to read the reviews in goodreads. The only good thing about this book is that Kasie describes Robert Dade like Taylor Kinney and I TOTALLY love him! He is my very example of my dream guy. How lucky Lady Gaga

Friday, June 20, 2014

Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

This is a quick YA book. This book is good to read if you are in mood of something light and easy to read. Also if you want to read something similar to the Fault in Our Stars by John Green click here for review. This book is about Lucius a high school student who blew his arms off in an attempt to create an explosion.  After the explosion he struggles to fit in at his new school and even with his own family. He knows that all of  this was his fault and he wants to punish himself for it. Instead of prosthetic arms he gets hooks to remind himself of what his mistake, he wants to scare people so they won't talk to him. It almost work except for Aurora who is also a new student in town, Lucius describes her as a dark angel who is beautiful and she is not afraid of him. Aurora wants to learn of what happened to Lucius and at the end she finds out what was Lucius main intention with the explosive he wanted to make. What intentions can someone have when making an explosive? Yeah well that is something you need to find out if you read this book. I liked the book, I didn't love it of course but it was a good and easy read.

Here is the link to read the books for this book in Goodreads

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Sweetest Escape

My Sweetest Escape by Chelsea M. Cameron

It was one of those days at the library kind of slow day, and you know right in front of my desk something caught my eye then  I saw this book. I started reading it and the author right away sucked me to this story, really nice written and really easy to read. Jos Archer is a girl who is going on a withdrawal in her life, something happened to her that made her changed her life around completely. Jos used to be a model girl, intelligent, pretty the perfect boyfriend, she was involved in different clubs at school until one day something happened and she just felt like giving up. Renee her sister invites her to live with her and her roommates, once there she transfers colleges, and under her sister's supervision she starts to get back up again. But wait! there has to be a guy right? Of course she meets this funny and talented guy who is also hiding some secrets about his past. You will need to find out if these secrets will keep them together or apart. This is a good  and easy story to read,  she also has another New York times bestselling book call My Favorite Mistake in case if you want to read it as well.

I'll leave this link to see the goodreads review on this book.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rush too Far

by Abbi Glines

I  had this book pre-ordered a while back but I wasn't that excited about it for some reason . Whenever I read the same book but with the other character POV I don't usually like them. Maybe because I already know the story and it is kind of weird to read it again but in somebody else's head i guess. The only book that I didn't mind reading again was Hopeless/Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover, I guess that's because that was an excellent story and they both were really strong characters with strong stories behind them.  Another thing is that I do like more being in a chick's head, I guess I do understand that we have a huge imagination and make things up . But it is kind of hard for me to think that guys are think that much and say too little like in this case with Rush. To be honest in the original book Fallen too Far, Blair was the one who speak the most she was the main character, the only part that Rush talk was on the intimate parts! I love Rush I still do, but this book was not what I expected. I feel bad about it because I love Abbi Glines but this book just didn't do it for me.

En mi Piel/Being Me

En mi Piel es el segundo libro de la trilogia de la autora Lisa Renee Jones. Si no has leido mi reseña del primer libro aqui te dejo el link. La verdad en la reseña anterior dije que el libro me dejo como sin ningun sentimiento al final porque el final estubo muy seco! La verdad este libro me gusto mucho mas!! tiene mucha mas informacion con respecto a Rebecca la mujer desaparecida de los diarios. Sara es una mujer decidida e inteligente y confia mucho en su instinto y asi es como logra aprender mas sobre esta desaparicion. Este final si me gusto, tiene tanta drama y si se dice al final que paso con Rebecca. Me gusto este libro por muchas razones, la autora por ejemplo no se deja con rodeos y todo es como muy rapido y eso me gusta. Otra razon por la que me gusto, es porque aparte de romance este libro esta lleno de misterio y eso tambien me gusta. Ahora estoy leyendo el libro numero tres! ohh estos dos libros los encontre en mi biblioteca pero en ingles. Lo busque en amazon en español y solo encontre el primero y el segundo, no se la verdad si el tercer libro tambien esta ya traducido al español. Aqui les dejo el link si esque lo quieren buscar.


Monday, June 2, 2014

En tu Piel/ If I Were You

En tu piel de Lisa Renee Jones

La semana pasada sali de vacaciones con mi familia a Miami y despues unos dias mas a Mexico. Y me lleve este libro para leer en el avion (esto es lo bueno de tener un libro y no un ebook). Este es un libro nuevo que habia llegado a la biblioteca esa semana y me llamo la atencion la portada asi es que me lo lleve. Me gusto la historia, es quizas un poco diferente a los libros que he leido ultimamente no tan erotica jaja pero si de romance y esos tambien me gustan. Sara es una profesora que se topa con unos diarios intimos de una tal Rebecca. Rebecca cuenta sus intimadades con un hombre peligroso y misterioso que le gusta lastimarla para provocar placer. Este libro no lleva a fondo lo que Rebecca escribio en el diario, solo poco fragmentos de ellos, pero se que estos Diarios de Rebecca se venden por separado en eBooks.  Este libro se trata de Sara al querer saber quien es Rebecca y que es lo que paso con ella y con este hombre misterioso.  Ella entra a trabajar a un lugar nuevo, conoce a dos hombres que le llaman mucho la atencion por ser tan peligrosos y demasiado atractivos. Sara piensa que quizas uno de ellos es el hombre misterioso de el diario de Rebecca asi es que ella termina enredada en la vida de Rebecca al querer investigar que es lo que paso con ella. Me gusto el libro, quizas no el mejor libro que eh leido pero si me gustaria leer el siguiente. El final no me gusto de hecho no sabia que este libro era el primero de una trilogia, asi es como ya saben me dejo asi como que???  que paso??? no paso nada de nada, con eso me refiero a que no me dejo tan picada en leer mas, y a la vez si quiero leer mas. No se la verdad es un final raro muy seco sin altas ni bajas. Este libro no lo compraria a menos que estuviera super barato, mejor esperare a que llegue a la biblioteca. ^_^

En mi viaje a Mexico cuando visite un mall, me encontre con el tercer libro de "This Man" la serie. "Mi Hombre" en español. Me emocione mucho primero porque es muy raro encontrar una libreria en algunas partes de Mexico (en especial de donde soy yo). Estaba a punto de no comprarlo porque 1ra estaba muy caro $28 dolares! y 2da es que tenian nada mas el tercer libro! pero bueno al final lo compre porque a mi si me encanto esta trilogia la verdad. Me volvio loca de angustia, me dio dolor de cabeza en el tiempo que lo lei pero pues igual asi de masoquista soy y si me gustaron mucho jeje