Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Techno Songs

After watching American Idol today, I just felt like singing and dancing my favorite songs :)

I love music, what can I say? This is how I reflect my mood.  Today I feel relax and techno relaxes me. weird huh? I hope you have listened to these songs before, and if is not I invite you to relax with me and enjoy the good music.  

My favorite of all times, here you go...

1.Children by 4 Clubbers,

2.World, Hold On by Bob Sinclair, 

3. Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

4. Lights by Ellie Goulding

5. All I ever wanted by Basshunter 

6. Believe by Cher

7. Everytime we touch by Cascada

8.Stereo Love by Edward Maya

9. Better off Alone by Alice DJ

10. I'll fly with you by L'amour Toujours

And I have much more and more and more......

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fallen/Never too far

Fallen too Far, definitely one of my favorite books by Abbi Glines.

Blaire, whose mom died a couple of days ago, moves to Rosemary beach looking for her father who she hasn't seen in five years after her twin sister died. Blaire meets Rush, he is the son of a famous rock star and also the eldest son of Georgiana, Blaire's step mother. At first, Rush makes Blaire's life miserable because she thought she was not welcome there. Rush wanted to be away from her because of a secret, he wanted to protect his sister Nan, which is also really mean to Blaire. At the end they both fall in love but soon after she finds out the secret and runs away to her town. I mean all this it's really vague, the way I describe it but  this is an awesome story, I loved it. I definitely add this book as one of my favorite books and I really recommend it.

Never too Far actually came out today! This is the second book. Good, I didn't have to wait too long to read it. I only waited one day to read it after I finished with fallen too far.

This second part is about Blaire coming back to Rosemary beach where Rush lives. There is a good reason why she comes back. Rush is all happy and excited to see Blaire back, but that doesn't mean that she would be with him. Basically this book is about Rush gaining Blaire's trust back but in order for that he needs to do much more. His family is actually the main obstacle between Rush and Blaire. A horrible accident happen that makes this book more interesting and got me crying until the end of the book. The book actually had a nice ending and I am happy how it came out. I can't tell you more because I actually beat Jasmine to read it and I know she wouldn't like me spoiling the story.

Abbi Glines is definitely one of the best authors ever!!!


Yesterday, I went to a training in NYC. The training was only for two hours and we got there really early so we walked and walked for more than three hours. I love NY, I love the fashion and I love it churches. The only thing that I don't like going to NY is because I could never find a place to eat. Wait what? Yeah there are a lot of places to eat, but because there are too many I can't never pick one to choose. It always happen.  I never carry cash with me so I couldn't eat from the vending carts, even though the food smell so good. At the end, Denise and I went to a coffee shop and I eat some noodles it was ok but next time I go, I have to ask a real New Yorker for a place to eat. The highlight of the day was definetely when we almost missed our bus, I ran like I haven't run in years just to catch the bus. I am so hurt right now, my legs and butt hurt. I am not in shape at all. Here is a collage of some pictures that I took.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ombre highlights

Another reason why I haven't been able to finish reading, it's because I been trying to do this
Ombre Highlights to my hair and it took longer than I expect it. The Ombre Highlights or the Californian Highlights is when you have a lighter color in your hair, like brown on top and blonde on the bottom. I am doing all this by myself and I have a lot of hair so I wasn't able to finish all in one day, actually it took me about three days to finish it. If you want to know how to do it or what to buy I'll leave you the list of basic things to do, but be really careful because if you hair is dark you are going to have to bleach it and it could really damage your hair. This is the YouTube video that I found and gave me an idea of how to do the highlights.

To bleach your hair you need:
Salon Care 30 volume creme and Salon Care Quick white super-strength powder lightener.
Mix the two formulas together and apply it to the area that you want to be lighter. Please be careful and use gloves when applying because the powder is really strong and itchy.

This is how it came out. :)

Because of Low

I started reading Because of Low by Abbi Glines but I haven't been able to finish reading it. I do like the book in general, I just think that if this book wasn't a continuation of Breathe the other book I read before, it would have been better. When I read Breathe I liked Marcus,  but in this other book not so much and I don't know why. It could be that in the first book he was the other guy, the guy that is nice and cute but for some reason the main character falls in love with the bad guy or the rock star.  I kind of remember Marcus as the other guy and it's kind of hard to think of him as a main character. I don't know, I like the book, I do want to finish reading it so I can continue with other books.


Ok, I just finished the book, and I liked the ending. Basically, the second part of the book was a lot more interesting than the first part. I like the plot and for that moment I saw the real Marcus, I saw him as the main character of this book and the story between him and Low. I do want to tell you that I liked the ending for one thing specially. Despite of his father's affair, his father didn't go back to her wife and lived happily ever after( this doesn't mean that I am proud of what he did) I am not, but I was kind of expecting for the father to noticed what he did and go back running to his wife and family,  but instead he stayed with Low's sister and Larissa, and everybody moved on.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My city

My friend Jeremias from Mexico called me a couple of days ago, I was so excited that I actually fell from my bench because I was trying to get signal from the window. Oh, how I miss my country sometimes. I miss my friends, my family, my nephew and how I miss the food. Juarez, is in the border from Mexico and United States which brings a lot of advantages and a lot more disadvantages. Juarez has suffered a lot. I  remember when I was in 10th grade in the year 2004, girls of my age started to disappear, girls who got missing after a day of school or work. Families were devastating by not being able to find their bodies, and some of them by the conditions that the bodies were found. In that time, we didn't have a car and I had to take two buses to go school. I had to walk through an abandon space in the morning  to take the bus and on the way back in the afternoon. It was horrifying thinking that something could happen to me. Luckily, my parents decided that it was time to come and live in United States. The killings lasted for about two years, but there are still women missing and we cannot do anything to help those families feel better. That was the first time that my city suffered. The second one was a couple of years after in 2008, when drug dealers started to fight between each other to gain my city. The purpose of all this is because Juarez is one of the biggest border cities and the drug dealers need to gain access to United States. This war between those cartels are still going on, leaving thousands of people dead every year. Some of them innocent people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sadly, one of my cousins is dead because of this. Last year the killings minimized and we hope that this year would be even better. My city was one day beautiful and safe, now is not. We have proved that our people are really strong, we know that even though things happen in life, we cannot give up, we usually find the good thing about all this, maybe keeping families together,  but most importantly we have faith that all of this will end soon.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trapped by snow

Day three trapped in my own house. I never seen anything like this before in my life. I never seen so much snow, that it closed up all of the streets in my neighborhood. My husband and his parents have been cleanning  snow since Friday night. However,  Saturday night was the worse, almost three hours trying to uncover the 4 cars in our driveway. The good thing about this is that our house has been warm with electricity and eating real food  (we don't usually cook everyday). Today for example, I cleanned really good all my house, we took out my daughter's crib and we went for a walk. I am actually getting bored right now, there is not much to do anymore hehe. I might start reading hopeless again. We know work has been cancel for all of us tomorrow, there is no choice we are trapped. Stay warm :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hopeless, by Colleen Hoover

Such a beautiful and touching book! This time I won't tell you the whole story, because this book deserves to be read. I can't just tell you, you MUST read it. This is such an emotional book. At first, Sky and Holder's relationship made me laugh a lot, they are so fun!, but then their lives change completely!!.Believe me!, this is not just any book. You can't see it coming! it has such an amazing plot, that makes you anxious but not knowing what's next. The story is not like any other, it is so real. Colleen Hoover really wrote this story so nicely, that makes you think deeper in what's really happening in other people's life. I could really say that this book is one of my favorites, and I really encourage you to read it. This is not just a love story, this is real life.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mother's Love

I just felt the  necessity to write about my beautiful daughter.

It's just that every time I see her, my heart melts. I can't get over it, how I was able to conceive a baby and to had her inside of me for nine months!!! I don't think I ever would be over it. Just by looking at her, makes me think in how amazing God is. How a human body can create just beautiful lives. She is just perfect for me, I can't imagine other than Saydee. Everything about her is perfect, her beautiful and unique eyes, her round chicks, her messy curls, her facial expressions, everything about her is just amazing. She is so much like me, not for her beauty, but because she has the same temper as me. She is not that affectionate, she is moody most of the time, really energetic, really proud, and how she over exaggerate when she shows her feelings, just like me. We are really THANKFUL to have Seth, as my husband and as her father. He is really patient with both of us, I feel so sorry for him sometimes because before it was just me, now we are two. Saydee has a lot from him too, she loves technology, just like him, she is really intelligent, just like him and she has his nose and ears. I love the way she makes me dance all of the songs with her, the way she pretends to know all the songs from her favorite shows. I love everything about her. Even in the middle of the night when she wakes up crying, even when she kicks me and bites me. I am just so blessed for having her.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Another recent book, also by Abbi Glines, Breathe.

This book is really good and really easy to read. Sadie moved to Alabama with her pregnant, lazy, childlike mother Jessica. Sadie started working at a rich house and she soon finds out that the house is own by Jax, a young rock star. This really didn't matter to Sadie at first because she wasn't for anything other than work,  they needed that money. Jax only uses that house as a getaway from his busy life during the summer. Sadie is a blond girl with big blue eyes and long lashes, and of course Jax falls for her really easy. Their relationship didn't last long due to Jax busy life and that becomes a problem for Sadie as well. Jax ends up living Sadie alone with her mother and her little baby brother. Sadie goes through a lot with Jessica having postpartum depression and a baby born who cries a lot during the night. After a little while, after all those problems for Sadie she suffered an accident and she ends up in a coma for some days, until one day that she listened  Jax singing for her and she wakes up. Do they end up together? Find out. :)

Recent Books

New Books!

These three books by Abbi Glines, Existence, Predestined and Ceaseless.

Pagan, a high school girl who sees lost souls. She does not know why she sees these creatures, the lost souls don't talk to her, but she knows they are there. It was until one day, after vacations when she saw this really cute guy, who she knew it was a soul or she thought he was a soul, but this time he talked to her. Dank, was not a lost soul, he was DEATH and he was there to take her. Dank and Pagan started talking, she liked him since the very first moment she saw him and Dank felt the same way for her. It was then, when Pagan had a car accident where she was supposed to die, but he saved her. Pagan was dating Leif another cute, high school student but there is more of him a lot more that we found out more on the second book Predestine.

For some odd reason, I confused book three for book two and  I read book three Ceaseless.

I was  a little confused at the beginning, because it seamed that the book started brand new again. Pagan didn't know who Dank was, but Dank was still in love with Pagan. One of Pagan's high school friend Weight had died and I had no idea why and how he died. (all that is also in book two).
It is really hard to understand how can a real human can fall in love with DEATH. The week when I started reading the books I was scared. I don't really get scared by ghost or death, but the books go a little more detail about all of this, that make you think  more about life after death.  I finished with book three and I obviously didn't go back and read book number two, but there were some things that I was confused. At the end I decided to go back and read it, and I am glad because it clarified a lot of things that I didn't understand from book three.


Fifty Shades (Cont.)


Ok, well after reading Fifty Shades of Grey twice, I read two books called Bared to You, and Reflected in You. These two books are really similar to Fifty Shades, kind of naughty books. This is about a rich girl who falls in love with another rich guy, and they both have some personal problems that they need to work on, and so on. Other than that, those books didn't impressed me as much as Fifty Shades. I thought that maybe the author read Fifty Shades and wanted to do basically the same story and  just change some things around. (That's my opinion).

Another trilogy that I read was The Hunger Games. When I started reading the first book, I got lost really quickly. I didn't know if to continue reading the book or just watch the movie. I decided to wait, and watch the movie. It was then, when I understood what I was reading and I got more excited about the books. The second book, went by a little more smooth, and I love the third book as well. (I can't wait for the movies).

Another two books that I also recommend by Colleen, Hoover. Slammed and Point of Retreat. These books are really sad in some way because Lake, a high school girl moves from Texas to Michigan, and after a while Lake and her little brother faced with the death of their mother. She also meets Will, her neighbor who also lives only with his little brother after the lost of his parents.  They soon fall in love, but their relationship gets complicated because they both have to act like parents with their short age.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hi again!

First of all, I would like to thank my very good friend, Jasmine. She is the one who introduced me to all these books. I have always like to read, but after meeting her, now I love to read. We are really similar in some ways, we both fall in love with the guys from the books and get all emotional so excited, mad, and even sad.
I want to start with my very favorite book from all the times. Fifty Shades of Grey the trilogy. I love those books! These books are addicting, I couldn't sleep just to read more and more.  I remember after I finished  I still couldn't stop thinking about them at all. It hasn't been another book like this one that would excite me the same way. Well yes the twilight books, but these are definitely in a different topic. My friend Jasmine advise me to re-read the books so it could help me with my anxiety. Does this sound weird to you? If you have read this trilogy then yes it is weird, but also you know exactly what I mean. 
When we heard that E. L. James was planning on making the movie, we soon started looking for actors who would be good to play Gray's and Anastasia role.

Spanish Books


For this part of my blog, I would like to share with you, my thoughts about the books that I have read.

First, I would like to start with the first books that I read way back then. All these books are in Spanish, but some of them can  also be found in English. These books are from the same author, Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sanchez. He is a Mexican writer, and most of his books are about helping you with yourself steam, life, love, family and faith. There are stories about regular people in a regular world. We could all relate to some of these stories. People who sometimes straggle with love, school, drugs,  even marriage problems and affairs. So if you want to read something in Spanish or English, all of these are really good books that keep you hook in the story since the very first page.

Un grito desesperado/ A desperate cry
Juventud en extasis 1 and 2/Youth in sexual ecstasy 1
La ultima oportunidad,
volar sobre el pantano,
Los ojos de mi princesa,
La fuerza de Sheccid,
Sangre de Campeon
and Mujeres de conquista.