Monday, April 29, 2013

Washington DC

You know what???? I still can't get over the weekend trip to DC.

I am seriously thinking on moving over there, but I heard it is an expensive city and right now I just can't. It was my first trip to DC and it was awesome. My family and I stayed in the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, just 2-3 minutes walking to the Capitol and the National Mall area. For those people who never been in Washington the National Mall is basically a huge park with lots of museums surrounded and if you continue, then you would get to the Washington Monument, the Tomas Jefferson monument and Abraham Lincoln monument. I would advise you to go for more than a weekend to see most of the museums and parks. We also went to the Smithsonian Zoo and it was a pretty long walk too, a lot of people as well, but the lines to see the exhibitions were going by quicker than I expected. Whenever you go please bring really comfortable shoes and clothing, cash to buy food from the vending trucks and an umbrella. I tell you something we were at a corner store right across the hotel buying food, and when we were almost leaving, it started to rain so much but really like a storm rain and just to cross the street to the hotel we were super wet, the street look like rivers (not kidding) but it was awesome. The hotel was really nice, really chick and modern, and really expensive. I paid around $500 for two nights, at first me and my husband were going by ourselves so that was a fair price because I kind of look at it like a honeymoon. Then my parents and daughter decided to join us and that's when I didn't want to pay that much money. Well, it was worth it we were really close to everything, and the museums and parks were free so we basically just pay for the food and hotel. We actually went to the Restaurant in the Hotel Art & Soul, and I didn't like it. It was too expensive for my taste and the food wasn't that great (this is from me and my husband). We ordered Salmon and it was just the Salmon with some mushrooms idk I didn't like it, so we paid around $100 just for the two of us. The service was great, not a lot of choices in the menu but that's it. Washington was a great experience I would definitively would go back and I truly recommend it for a getaway vacations.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twisted Perfection

OMG!!! One of my favorite books!!!

Twisted Perfection is the third book after Fallen too far and Never too Far by Abbi Glines. Those two books were already on my top favorite list. She is deff one the best!!

This book is so hot! I always liked Woods, even from the first book when he was in love with Blaire but she ended up choosing the bad guy. So it is good that Abbi wanted to write about the good guy who ends up lonely. She actually twisted everything he is so naughty in this book and that's what I liked about it, that he is so nice but so different from the first two books. In this book Woods has a one night stand with Della, who is passing through Rosemary town looking for adventure, and at the same time leaving the terrors from her past life. They actually had an amazing time together, idk how many times they did it and this book is really explicit about. Well, she leaves town leaving a mark on Woods life. Woods is actually getting engage when Della comes back and just can't continue, this is a must to read!! I really loved the book

OMG and that ending!! I can't wait for Fall (Not that I want the summer to be over) but I want to read it so bad!!

Just a Little

Hello there!

I went to Washington DC over this weekend with my family and it was really beautiful. A lot of places to visit  in just a weekend, it wasn't enough. There were 6 hours of driving and a took advantage of that time to read 4 mini series by  Tracie Puckett

The first book is called Just a Little Crush and I was hooked right away, yes this book is not naughty or anything. This book is just about Julie Little who is in high school, and she needs to do her community service in the police department for a school project. OK, well she meets Luke who is really mad because he needs to work with a high school student and obviously he thinks it's just a waste of time. What I like about this book is that Julie and Luke work together but they're both really stubborn, and they're always fighting with each other. Like the tittle of this book Julie has a little crush on him and he knows it, that why he gives her a hard time hehe.


The other books are really good too, when finish one it makes you want to read the other one right away. The books are just $.99 ea and they are 4 of them.
The second book is called Just a little Embrace, the third book is Just a little Sincerity, and the last one is Just a little Promise. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cubrete el Acne!


He estado pensando mucho si subir este video o no. Lo digo porque como mujer a veces no nos sentimos suficientemente bonitas para aparecer en un video. Y mucho menos en un video de maquillaje, si o no?  A veces la inseguiridad nos lleva a no hacer nada, por eso esque me atrevi a subirlo. Este video es para mostrarles unos trucos que a mi me a funcionado para cubrirme mis marcas de Acne pero a la vez que nos veamos super natural. (te advierto andaba bien mormada y mis bocinas no sirven bien jeje)

ok lo que use fue:

All-in-one BB cream-The Body Shop
Concealer NW25-M.A.C.
Polvo NC35-M.A.C.
Rubor.Blush-Paeach/Durazno de Cover Girl

Acuerdense que es muy importante escojer el color que mas se asimile a tu tono de piel. :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

11 Minutes

I just finished reading 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho for second time but this time in Spanish

This book is about Maria, a prostitute. Maria is from a small town in Brazil whose dreams are really high, and travels to the big city looking for something more. It wasn't love what she was looking for, it was fame, money, and adventure. Maria travels to Switzerland as a prostitute, she learns how to speak French and talks about her fascination for sex, not love, just sex. She explains that sex is just about about 11 minutes of her life trying to get to find a way of release. She thinks of that until one day she finds a famous painter who looks at her for her inner light. They talked and discover that sex is more than that and they fall for each other. What I like about this book is that is not just a love story, this is about real life. Her life is sad and lonely she loves that famous painter but she knows that he is not for her, that he is just a dream. At the end of the year she decides to go back to Brasil. This is a good book to read, we could look at prostitution with a different perspective (not that prostitution is good) but it helps you look at it in a different way. It has a good ending.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reflected in You

Earlier this year a posted a mini review for Bared to you  and Reflected in You by Sylvia Day 

Basically, what I said was that I didn't like the books because they were almost exactly like Fifty Shades. I still think the first book is really similar to Fifty, but I never got to finish reading the second book Reflected in You. Well after reading Fifty Shades for a the third time I wanted to read something similar, so I started reading the second book from the beginning and guess what? I like it!. I could say that the first 30% is still kind of the same thing, Gideon and Eva are seeing each other, falling for one another right away and they continued with their same nightmares and personal problems. The other half of the book gets really excited!

Everything started when Eva was invited to a concert, the band's lead singer was Eva's ex lover, which brings up a lot of drama because she ends up kissing him!!!

Then Eva's friend Cary who gets beaten up by who knows who (we actually find out at the end)

Then the plot! when Nathan( the guy who sexually abused Eva) gets kill and Gideon is acting kind of weird and breaks up with Eva and it has an excellent finish that keeps you wondering what exactly happened and who kill Nathan.

I know this is too vague but this is definitely a good book, mostly the second one. These two books are perfect to read after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, because they are so similar.

         The third book Entwined with you is coming out this June, 2013, I really can't wait to read it!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Play

I have been really busy these past weeks with a play that I directed with the youth of my church.

I am so happy how it came out, we practiced for about two months. I am so thankful with these young kids(not so young) because they have been so patient. It is not easy to find  free time now this days, they are all involve in school and work, but I am glad they found the time to do this play. I played Mary Magdalene about 10 years ago in Mexico, this play changed me in so many ways. I changed as a christian person, I understood that this is what I want to do. I want to be a servant of God, I want to work with the youth. This is what makes me happy, it's like an offering from me to God. I know that nobody is perfect in this life, we all make mistakes, but we do have the opportunity to be better. I chose to be better, I have a reason to be better and I believe that I that I have a purpose in this life. Ok, well the play, here it go...

And this is my group of people. Thank you guys!!!