Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Another cheap book that I found in iBooks called Noah by Elizabeth Reyes.

I downloaded the sample of this book, just to see how it was and right away caught my attention. I read the first two free chapters and then I paid only $2.99 for it.

This book is about Veronica a 28 year old, apparently comes from Mexican family and who is overweight. Veronica's mother had just passed away a few months ago of Cancer. During this time, Veronica abandoned all her social life, her job, her boyfriend left her, she gave everything away just to take care of her mother. Now that her mother died she wanted to start all again. Veronica's best friend Nellie, invited her to go with her to a small gym. Noah is a boxer and also Veronica's trainer, he is handsome young man who seems really mature for his age (he is 19, turning 20). There is a instant connection between both of them. Veronica losses around 35 pounds in weeks, she gets all nice in shape. Little by little her life comes back to "normal" with Noah's help, he falls for her obviously but there is a lot more drama. It is a really good book. I liked it since the very beginning and  I highly recommend it. Noah, also has some friends and they all have a book, I am going to look for them.

Ted's Steam Burgers

OMG! I just had an amazing Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with steam cheese from Ted's.

They are absolutely amazing!

Today, my husband and I were looking for somewhere different and delicious to eat. He was already in a bad mood because he was hungry, I hate when that happens. We have been craving steam burgers for quiet some time, and we decided that today was the day to try them. There are three locations here in CT, we went to the one in Cromwell. Nice cozy little place, well not too little but nice and cozy. There were three guys today and we got out burgers in less than 15 minutes, first bite and I was hooked. Not too many people today, it could be because it was a weekday or if it is usually like this. If you like cheese, french fries, milkshakes and burgers this is definitively your place.

BTW they have a challenge, would you do it. I might :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ohh Mr. Grey

I did it again! I read the three books again, for some reason I can't get enough of Mr. Grey.

Last week, I started missing Mr. Christian Grey so much, that I decided to read the books once again. I still got all the same emotions book by book, happy, excited you know, the feelings that just Mr. Grey could make you feel.

I love the first book so much because I somehow reflect myself with Anastasia. I like her because she is not ashamed to say whatever she thinks, even though Christian and her are from two different worlds, I like how she is not impressed by anything. The way that she is so inexperience but she stills tries her best and is not afraid of trying new things. I think I would do the exact same thing about everything, I would behave the same way towards Mrs. Robinson and the submissives. I would go crazy and jealous but at the same time I would fight for him and make him change and make him forgive his past.

I also love second book, because despite everything Anastasia still is Anastasia. I also like this book because you could see now a change in Christian life, because of the love that he feels for Anastasia now. And I also like the drama with Mrs. Robinson, Leyla and the parties at the Grey's.

The third book is my favorite. I like all the problems with Hyde, the Honeymoon, the kidnapping of Mia and the coma of Anastasia. A lot more drama. What I like the most is the ending, even after two kids,  Mr. Grey keeps being the same kinky Mr. Grey.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister

Hello, I'm back!

 I don't know if you notice, but after reading a good book like Never too Far and many others, I feel like I won't be able to find another book as good as the previous one. That's why I take my time in order to read another book. I downloaded a free book yesterday it is kind of short only 10 chapters but it is really good.

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister by Marie Kelly

This is the story of Diona Brown who goes to Greece looking for her younger sister Daryle, who apparently is getting married with a guy who she met a week before. While Diona is waiting for her sister to come to talk to her, this handsome man asked her if she was Miss Brown. Of course Diona said yes, and he assumes that she is Daryle her sister. Nikkias is a multimillionaire and brother of Alexis the guy whom Daryle is in love with, and he is too against the crazy idea of his brother getting married so soon. Well, he doesn't give Diona time to explain that she is not the one dating Alexis and the very same day she gets kidnapped by him in his private island. Obviously, he right away feels attracted to her and she is to him. The story gets better but it's for you to find out.