Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Decorating Books that I love the most

one of my favorite hobbies is to decorate and watch HGTV, but a couple of months ago, I moved to a new apartment and now I can do whatever I want with it. (Sort Of, since it's a rental) but I have enjoyed it, specially for Thanksgiving ^-^

Here is a list of my most favorite books in no particular order.

Design*Sponge at Home by Bonney Grace <--------I loved this one!!!

Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home by Becker, Holly

Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love <-For cheap, easy and modern DIY ideas 

Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy
by Deborah Needleman <------This is one of my most favorites!!!

The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well

Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home
by Holly Becker

The Nest Home Design Handbook
by Carley Roney

How to Decorate
by Shannon Fricke

Things I Love
by Megan Morton

It's been a while...

that I haven't been able to update this blog. I have been reading though, and I will list the books with a little review. I actually keep track with my list on goodreads.com I love that website. I don't usually add my reviews there but I do like to keep track of my readings, my to be read list and also to see what new books come out. It is so much easier to see more examples of books of the same topic, like similar titles or authors.

I am going to try to put them in order from the newest to the older. BTW I have read a LOT of Designer books since I moved to my new apartment and I am going to list to the ones I liked the most in the next post.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Han Jenny- I loved this book! It was so easy to read, a natural YA book, a natural girl who is in love. She writes letters to the all the guys she once love in form of a relief, to let it all out. One day those letters were sent away, she does not know who did it, but now all of her feelings and secrets are all out. 

One more Chance by Abbi Glines- I was really looking forward to read this book, I loved the first one of Grant's story, but this one not so much! I seriously couldn't wait to finish it! I am so disappointed. I love Abbi, I  always had and I love most of her books, but lately I just cannot read them.

Bleakable by Tammara Webber- I listed to this Book CD and even though I really enjoy listening his the voice and the way that I can listen to stories in my car. I read the first book which was Jacqueline's POV and I loved it, but this one it was the Lucas' POV I didn't quit enjoy. (You know how I am with guys perspective)

No in Between by Lisa Renee Jones book #4 of the Inside Out series- This book is all about secrets, mystery. These books are about the disappearance of a woman call Rebecca. When Ava discovered Rebecca's personal journals she decides to look for her. My post for the first book is here. Even thought we discovered some big secrets at the end of the third book, this book is also really good and won't disappoint you!

I am sure I am missing at least one more, I'll try to remember.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Beautiful Dark

by Jocelyn Davies

OMG! This book will be the next movie saga! This book remind me so much to the twilight trilogy except there is no vampires and no werewolves lol. There are two handsome guys fighting for a girl though. These two are not some regular high school guys, these are different in another way, they have a special assignment. Skye is a girl with plans, she knows that if she wants to make it for Columbia University she needs to work for it. She was doing great until these two guys showed up to her life. She is torn between these two handsome and totally different from one another. Asher is dark, spontaneous, and wild, but Devin brings her calm, care and he is fair. There is a reason why they came looking for her, a mystery, a purpose. I seriously loved this first book, of course I am reading part 2 and 3. I can really picture that these trilogy would make an excellent movie saga.

Here is the link  to read the reviews in goodreads.com

This would be my Asher

And this my Devin (Douglas Booth)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Say what you will

by Cammie McGovern

I just finished reading this book, and I don't know what to think of it. Part of me loves it, and the other not so much. This book is about Amy a disabled girl, who is really smart, writes beautifully stories, but she is alone. By disabled I mean because she cannot walk without her walker, she cannot talk without her computer, and she cannot have friends because of this. There is also Matthew, another student with problems of his own, he has a problem that has been increasing over the time. Amy and Matthew has know each other since 2nd grade, but had never the courage to talk to one another. Now, on their Senior year they get to do it, and they discover that have a lot more in common than they ever thought. I love the beginning of the book, the ending not so much, something happened before the end that I was not expecting and the ending even more. This book has a
The Fault in Our Stars feel, in case if you want to read.

 btw I loved the cover of the book!


Tangled by Emma Chase

This was an awesome book!! It is hard to explain what is it about, it is a romance book, it has some steamy parts, not so much to call erotica, but it was very good. First I love that it was a guy telling the story, now, wait a minute! I have always say that I don't like to read books with the guys POV. But this book is different, because this is the first book of a series, there is no girl telling the story first. Another thing is that the author really knows how guys talk about, or even think about. I definitely believed that it was a guy telling the story. Second, the book was really funny and easy to read. I loved how the author mixed romance and comedy, I totally pictured the characters  in my mind, I think it will make a cool movie. I finished the book within hours, which I hardly ever do now, with that I tell you that much. I loved it!! If you are in mood of a light, romance and funny read, this is the one. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Beautiful Disaster

Ok well, I remember a long time ago, (probably last year) that I tried reading this book. For some reason it didn't work out so much, and I don't know why. I decided to add this book to my TBR list once again, after I went to a signing last year with my friend Jasmine, Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire. I saw that a lot of people actually went to see Jamie, then I figured that her book was good so I kept it on my list. I loved that book! I mean I don't want to say that it's one of my favorites, but it is right there on the edge. The book is about this hot, flirty, cute, nerdy Travis Maddox....did I mention, he is also a street fighter! oh yeah oh yeah!

Abbi Abernathy is the new girl in Eastern University, she meets Travis for the first time in an underground fight. She happens to be really close to where Travis was fighting, that when he punched the other guy in the nose, all the blood got to Abbi's clothes, and this is the moment that they both saw each other for the first time. Travis is well known at the university for being a casanova actually there is a rumor that he has gone out with about half of the school girls. Abbi doesn't gets charm by his looks right away (I loved her character) she is a smart ass, she doesn't stay quiet and she is really funny. Maybe this is the same reason that caught Travis' attention for her. She doesn't go easy on him of course, and I liked that, she actually has bigger problems to deal with, like her father, money and luck yes luck! you get to find out about if you read this book. Although the book was kind of long, it was really good, the book is really original and does not compared to other books. I understand now why people loved it.




I had this book on my TBR list, and I finally got to read it. I read a lot of good reviews on goodreads.com and I had to have it. Truly, I didn't know what was it about, I just thought it was going to be some hot and steamy book, but guess what? it wasn't. The book is good don't get me wrong, I really liked it, and you know what? it turned out to be better this way. As you might of read on my recent posts, I kind of got tired of the same kind of book, they start the same way, they finish the same way, only a few differences here and there. It's always good to read a different kind of book right? I do love romance books of course, but like I always say, after 50 Shades (the phenomenon) some authors just go for the same theme kind of book. 

 And after my little introduction, just back to the book. The story is about Emily whose mom just died, and she decides to follow her dreamy boyfriend to NY. Emily desperate to find happiness back to life, comes to NY with him, finds a job as a waitress in an Italian restaurant (for now) and lives with her best friend (I forgot her name). All of this sounds good until she gets to deliver food to a charming, rich and hot guy, Gavin. Gavin gets charm right away for Emily, and starts looking for her, following her around until he finds out that she is his best friends girlfriend. This is not easy for either of them, because they both have strong feelings for each other, but having Dillon right in the middle makes everything a lot more complicated. But wait! there is a twist in this story and I'm sure you might like. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Easy is a great book by Tammara Webber

It's always good to read a different kind of book that doesn't involve a lot of sex, and this is one of them.  Jacqueline has just broken up from her longtime boyfriend, she is sad and depressed so she decides to get out of a frat Halloween party, on her way to the her truck Buck a schoolmate follows her and tries to rape her, but Lucas comes just in time to rescue her. Later on, she starts to notice Lucas everywhere, at her favorite coffee shop and even a class. What she didn't know was that he has always been there, but she has never notice anybody else but her ex handsome and popular ex Kennedy. Now that her life has turned around she she decides to get back to her feet in a class that she failing, and with the help of her online tutor she gets to do it. While she feels an attraction to her online tutor, she also starts to get feelings for Lucas. At the end you find out that Lucas is keeping some deep secrets. This is a really awesome book if you are in the mood of some romance but not erotic book, this is a great option.


Rush by Maya Banks

You know I have heard a lot about this author, she is really popular in the romantic, erotic kind of books, so I decided to take a look to one and I was like huh it's not that bad. I know I always mention this, but after reading Fifty Shades you either expect much more from another book of it's kind. You always compare the other books to Fifty Shades. So I chose this trilogy to start with her books, and I thought they were pretty good. These books were not as intense as I was expecting and I like that. You know you get to a certain point were reading the same kind of staff is tiring. I actually skip all the intimate parts now, I find them all the same!

Ok, well this book is about Gabe and Mia, of course Gabe is the wealthy, passionate, the cold one (they should try to make a book that the girl is the wealthy, passionate and demanding, so she could pervert the poor, intelligent, and virgin guy) Now that I mention it,  imagine a book about Elene Lincoln aka Mrs. Robinson from Fifty Shades of Grey, it would be awesome to read her story!!! I'm going off topic again!! Gabe is a wealthy man, who likes to have his personal life really private, and have the girls sign a contract which specify what kind of pleasures they can have with him. (sounds familiar?) Mia is the sister of one his company partners Jace which Mia and Gabe know each other since she was a young girl. Now that Mia is 24 she is old enough to have a relationship with Gabe. Of course Gabe has always been Mia's love since she was a teen and doesn't think twice when Gabe asks her to join her on her guilty pleasures. Mia decides to go for it, but after a uncomfortable situation involving different people, Mia decides that that kind of life is not her and the book goes on with Gabe changing some things for her, until they both happy and together. This is an OK book, like i said nothing really different. I just can't help but compared all the books, they all have the same problems, the same drama, the same characters. I know the second book Fever this book is all about Jace, Mia's brother and the third book is about Ash, Jace's best friend who also works for Gabe. I might give it a try.  


Four is the newest book from the Divergent series from Veronica Roth

This book is about how Tobias became Four, this is his part of the story and how he became Dauntless. The book was really well written, a really easy and fast read. Like I mention before, I don't personally like to read the same story from somebody else's perspective. I think it is a little boring specially if it's the male character who is telling the story. But I liked this book, I think it was really awesome for Veronica to give us more of Four. I guess a lot of people started to like him because of the movie, but I have always like him since the books, and of course I wanted to know more of him. This books describes him really well, you understand his personality a lot more. The book also contains two new scenes that were not in the Divergent book.

Now that I read this book it got me thinking that some of the major people from the Divergent book and the "Four" book were not in the Divergent movie. I don't know the reasons why the producers decided not to include Tobia's best friend Zeke and his brother Uriah, but in this book they also played a big role.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lost & Found

After the disappointment of the previous book Beauty from Surrender, I read this amazing new adult book called Lost & Found by Nicole Williams. I found this book for free on my iBooks! I believe there is a also a second book, but I think that one you'll have to pay for it.

Lost & Found is about this "troubled" girl Rowen and a gorgeous and hardworking cowboy Jesse.

I  found a good review by the author on amazon, that explains exactly what the book is about. Here is the link if you want to take a look or if you want to get it for free!

So here it is...

"After numbing pain for the past five years with boys, alcohol, and all-around apathy, she finds herself on a Greyhound bus to nowhere Montana the summer after she graduates high school. Her mom agreed to front the bill to Rowen’s dream art school only if Rowen proves she can work hard and stay out of trouble at Willow Springs Ranch. Cooking breakfast at the crack of dawn for a couple dozen ranch hands and mucking out horse stalls are the last things in the world Rowen wants to spend her summer doing. 

Until Jesse Walker saunters into her life wearing a pair of painted-on jeans, a cowboy hat, and a grin that makes something in her chest she’d thought was frozen go boom-boom. Jesse’s like no one else, and certainly nothing like her. He’s the bright and shiny to her dark and jaded. 

Rowen knows there’s no happily-ever-after for the golden boy and the rebel girl—happily-right-now is a stretch—so she tries to forget and ignore the boy who makes her feel things she’s not sure she’s ready to feel. But the more she pushes him away, the closer he seems to get. The more she convinces herself she doesn’t care, the harder she falls. 

When her dark secrets refuse to stay locked behind the walls she’s kept up for years, Rowen realizes it’s not just everyone else she needs to be honest with. It’s herself

Beauty from Surrender

Beauty from Surrender is book # of the Beauty Series by Georgia Cates. I have reviewed the first book here, and I completely love it!

Unfortunately, I barely finish this book. The first part was really good, it was about Laurelyn coming back to the States devastated because Jack Henry didn't follow her. BTW I hated (OK, not hated it, but I got tired of it) the name "Jack Henry", maybe at the beginning it was OK because the name meant something for his mom, but you get into a point that pronouncing both names all the time gets annoying. And talking about names, Laurelyn also changed names all the time thorough the book, firsts she was Page something, then Laurelyn something, then her stage name, then just  " L" then idk so many names! Basically after a couple of months, Jack Henry finds Laurelyn, of course she is kind of famous now and living the life that she always dream of, but after Jack Henry comes back to her life, she doesn't find the singing part fun anymore. She started to notice that the life she has always dream of, was not for There is basically no plot in this second book, nothing exciting worth of talking.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll read book # 3. Book 1 was really good, but this book was really disappointing.

Monday, July 28, 2014


by Sylvia Day

These were two short ebooks, that now are printed in one book. I have had this book at my library for a while and it was until yesterday that I started reading and I finished right away. Whoot whoot! it was actually really good just a little different from the Crossfire trilogy, same as for excitement! This book is about Gianna a restaurateur who is working for a large company in NY. Gianna comes from a very close italian family, and her job is her life until of course a man comes to her life. Jax is Gianna's ex lover who left her two years ago and now due to her new job, he has also come back to her life. But that is not all, he is making Gianna's life miserable and also full of romanticism and love! Really short book compare to the trilogies that I've been reading lately, and I kind of want to read more! I really recommend these books if you're up for something quick and entertaining.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Beauty from Pain

Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

I really don't understand this title lol, it has nothing to do with pain. I mean, I thought I was going to be reading some BDSM kind of book, but I am glad it wasn't. I found this book for free on iBooks and I really liked it.

This book is about Laurelyn an American girl who's going to Australia for three months with her best friend Addison. Laurelyn goes running to Australia from the States because of a bad relationship. Basically, what happens is that there is this mysterious man who is looking for his next victim at this very same club where Laurelyn is with her friends. He finds Laurelyn and he convinces her to be in a three month agreement to be together, but only for those three months. He assures her that those months she will enjoy all of sorts of things, gifts, trips and sex. Of course this agreement estates that she won't know his true identity and he won't know hers. This guy is a multimillionaire and doesn't want any commitments with anybody, and of course doesn't want any stalkers, like the one he has now. For some reason Laurelyn agrees with this craziness, and starts a relationship full of lies and they will be discovering the truth little by little and end up falling in love.

This is a really good book, just a little different from the other books yet very similar if you know what I mean. This is the first book out of three and of course I will continue with book # 2 soon.

El Affaire Blackstone

Ya termine la serie de libros del Affaire Blakstone de Raine Miller.

La verdad no puedo recordar que paso exactamente con el libro # 2 Todo o Nada. En realidad no hubo nada tan emocionante que me haga recordar lo que paso, solo Ethan y Brynne una pareja que esta conociendose mutuamente, los dos con secretos que se van descubriendo poco a poco. Eso si es algo que me gusto de estos libros que la autora no tardo hasta el ultimo momento para descubrir todo los secretos. Ya saben hay algunos libros que se tardan todo el libro ya hasta el mero final se descubre todo y zapatelas!! pero este no.  Otra cosa que tambien me gusto, esque no hubo una tercera persona en ningun libro de la trilogia, claro si hay un loco ex novio que no les voy a platicar de el porque de eso se trata el drama, pero nada de esa persona resbalosa que quiere quitarle el novio a la otra o viceversa :/ La verdad si estas buscando de una trilogia llena de amor, romance y secretos estos libros estan de maravilla!

*Spoilers (Si no has leido este libro no leas esta parte)

El ultimo libro se titula Sorprendida

Este libro fue el que mas me gusto, tenia mucha accion! Si ustedes se acuerdan el segundo libro termino un con super final, cuando Brynne se entera que el papa de ella habia contratado a Ethan para vigilarla y es asi como estos se llegaron a conocer. Obvio ella devastada se va y lo deja, pero me gusto que en el tercer libro ellos hablan del problema y se reconcilian y de ahi nada mas sobre el tema. En este libro se dan a conocer mas secretos sobre estos dos y claro que al final se sabe quien es que esta atormentando y siguiendo a Brynne, sobre todo me encanto que ahi la heroina es ella y no Ethan que eso tambien fue un giro a un final inesperado.

Se que la autora esta en proceso de publicar el cuarto libro, lo que no se es si es una continuacion de esta serie o es algo diferente.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Forgiving Lies

Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams

While I was waiting for the second book from the Blackstone Affaire series from my library I grabbed this book and started reading it. Right away I felt within the story, I liked the book. It's always good not to read about sex all the time right? lol It just seems that after Fifty Shades all romantic books are just about sex and not romance at all. You know me I love Fifty Shades but some of the other books are just copies of that and some of them miss the whole point of love.  Kash is an undercover cop working when he is transferred to Austin, TX together with his partner to work on a murder mission. That's when he meets Rachel who is also dealing with some problems on her own. A huge secret that Kash needs to find out in order to help her. I really enjoyed this book, the end was a little weird because there is a second book and it's called Deceiving Lies.


Desnuda escrita por Raine Miller.

Desnuda es el primer libro de la serie El Affaire Blackstone. Este libro esta buenisimo! Se trata de Bryanne, una muchacha Americana que esta viviendo en Londres, ella es estudiante de arte y a la vez una modelo.  Esta historia comienza cuando Ethan un directivo de una compania de seguraridad y es contactado por el papa de Bryanne. El papa de Bryanne le pide que se haga cargo de la seguridad de su hija porque piensa que corre peligro. Ehan accede a esto cuando ve una foto de Bryanne posando desnuda y rapidamente queda encaprichado con ella. Aunque se enamoran rapidamente Bryanne no quiere entregarse completamente a el porque tiene un pasado abrumador que le afecto su vida. Ahora que su relacion va avanzando, ella esta aprendiendo a confiar mas en el cuando descubre que en realidad su papa fue el que lo contrato para cuidar de ella.  La verdad esque este libro si me gusto, es romantico, tiene secretos, drama y es intenso. A diferiencia a otros libros como el de Cincuenta Sombras de Gray no hay una tercera persona en su relacion. Me gusta que este libro tiene un poco de drama y secretos politicos tambien, hace que este libro sea diferente a los demas. Y el final estuvo muy bueno!! Ya empeze a leer el segundo libro que ahora es Ethan el que cuenta su version de la historia.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just One Night

Just One night by Kyra Davis
The back of this book says that this book gives Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money and that this novel gives some depth, respect, and sexual tension to the genre, but I don't believe that. I really didn't like this book as much as other books of this genre. It started really good at the beginning, Kasie a Harvard grad who works in one of the best companies of LA. Kasie is responsible, smart, and determined, and she is also engaged with her dream guy. Dave comes from a good family, he is rich, has a good job, and above all loves Kasie.  Although their relationship is really predictable, she knows that Dave is the guy for her, she doesn't want to disappoint her family, and she doesn't want to disappoint herself. Everything is going well until one day she goes to Vegas with her best friend, who encourages her to sleep with a stranger before she marries Dave, she wants her to enjoy her life for this last time. This is how she meets Robert an intense, dangerous, dominant and of course rich guy who wants her from that very same moment, and like that they have a wild night together. After that night she returns to her predictable life at work and with Dave, until Robert Dade finds her. That part was interesting, and that part I did like, but  the rest of the book wasn't that interesting, everybody went crazy! Robert was too possessive, not seductive possessive he was just rich and wanted everyone to serve him. Kasie was in between two people who wanted her to be like a puppet. Her co-workers were crazy. Every other book that I read of this genre have some romance on them. I have felt the chemistry the romance even the love between the characters, and that makes me understand about the dominance from the male and jealousy. It is a good book but sadly  not one of my favorites. BTW for my understanding this paperback includes the three ebooks in one.

Here is the link to read the reviews in goodreads. The only good thing about this book is that Kasie describes Robert Dade like Taylor Kinney and I TOTALLY love him! He is my very example of my dream guy. How lucky Lady Gaga

Friday, June 20, 2014

Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

This is a quick YA book. This book is good to read if you are in mood of something light and easy to read. Also if you want to read something similar to the Fault in Our Stars by John Green click here for review. This book is about Lucius a high school student who blew his arms off in an attempt to create an explosion.  After the explosion he struggles to fit in at his new school and even with his own family. He knows that all of  this was his fault and he wants to punish himself for it. Instead of prosthetic arms he gets hooks to remind himself of what his mistake, he wants to scare people so they won't talk to him. It almost work except for Aurora who is also a new student in town, Lucius describes her as a dark angel who is beautiful and she is not afraid of him. Aurora wants to learn of what happened to Lucius and at the end she finds out what was Lucius main intention with the explosive he wanted to make. What intentions can someone have when making an explosive? Yeah well that is something you need to find out if you read this book. I liked the book, I didn't love it of course but it was a good and easy read.

Here is the link to read the books for this book in Goodreads

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Sweetest Escape

My Sweetest Escape by Chelsea M. Cameron

It was one of those days at the library kind of slow day, and you know right in front of my desk something caught my eye then  I saw this book. I started reading it and the author right away sucked me to this story, really nice written and really easy to read. Jos Archer is a girl who is going on a withdrawal in her life, something happened to her that made her changed her life around completely. Jos used to be a model girl, intelligent, pretty the perfect boyfriend, she was involved in different clubs at school until one day something happened and she just felt like giving up. Renee her sister invites her to live with her and her roommates, once there she transfers colleges, and under her sister's supervision she starts to get back up again. But wait! there has to be a guy right? Of course she meets this funny and talented guy who is also hiding some secrets about his past. You will need to find out if these secrets will keep them together or apart. This is a good  and easy story to read,  she also has another New York times bestselling book call My Favorite Mistake in case if you want to read it as well.

I'll leave this link to see the goodreads review on this book.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rush too Far

by Abbi Glines

I  had this book pre-ordered a while back but I wasn't that excited about it for some reason . Whenever I read the same book but with the other character POV I don't usually like them. Maybe because I already know the story and it is kind of weird to read it again but in somebody else's head i guess. The only book that I didn't mind reading again was Hopeless/Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover, I guess that's because that was an excellent story and they both were really strong characters with strong stories behind them.  Another thing is that I do like more being in a chick's head, I guess I do understand that we have a huge imagination and make things up . But it is kind of hard for me to think that guys are think that much and say too little like in this case with Rush. To be honest in the original book Fallen too Far, Blair was the one who speak the most she was the main character, the only part that Rush talk was on the intimate parts! I love Rush I still do, but this book was not what I expected. I feel bad about it because I love Abbi Glines but this book just didn't do it for me.

En mi Piel/Being Me

En mi Piel es el segundo libro de la trilogia de la autora Lisa Renee Jones. Si no has leido mi reseña del primer libro aqui te dejo el link. La verdad en la reseña anterior dije que el libro me dejo como sin ningun sentimiento al final porque el final estubo muy seco! La verdad este libro me gusto mucho mas!! tiene mucha mas informacion con respecto a Rebecca la mujer desaparecida de los diarios. Sara es una mujer decidida e inteligente y confia mucho en su instinto y asi es como logra aprender mas sobre esta desaparicion. Este final si me gusto, tiene tanta drama y si se dice al final que paso con Rebecca. Me gusto este libro por muchas razones, la autora por ejemplo no se deja con rodeos y todo es como muy rapido y eso me gusta. Otra razon por la que me gusto, es porque aparte de romance este libro esta lleno de misterio y eso tambien me gusta. Ahora estoy leyendo el libro numero tres! ohh estos dos libros los encontre en mi biblioteca pero en ingles. Lo busque en amazon en español y solo encontre el primero y el segundo, no se la verdad si el tercer libro tambien esta ya traducido al español. Aqui les dejo el link si esque lo quieren buscar.


Monday, June 2, 2014

En tu Piel/ If I Were You

En tu piel de Lisa Renee Jones

La semana pasada sali de vacaciones con mi familia a Miami y despues unos dias mas a Mexico. Y me lleve este libro para leer en el avion (esto es lo bueno de tener un libro y no un ebook). Este es un libro nuevo que habia llegado a la biblioteca esa semana y me llamo la atencion la portada asi es que me lo lleve. Me gusto la historia, es quizas un poco diferente a los libros que he leido ultimamente no tan erotica jaja pero si de romance y esos tambien me gustan. Sara es una profesora que se topa con unos diarios intimos de una tal Rebecca. Rebecca cuenta sus intimadades con un hombre peligroso y misterioso que le gusta lastimarla para provocar placer. Este libro no lleva a fondo lo que Rebecca escribio en el diario, solo poco fragmentos de ellos, pero se que estos Diarios de Rebecca se venden por separado en eBooks.  Este libro se trata de Sara al querer saber quien es Rebecca y que es lo que paso con ella y con este hombre misterioso.  Ella entra a trabajar a un lugar nuevo, conoce a dos hombres que le llaman mucho la atencion por ser tan peligrosos y demasiado atractivos. Sara piensa que quizas uno de ellos es el hombre misterioso de el diario de Rebecca asi es que ella termina enredada en la vida de Rebecca al querer investigar que es lo que paso con ella. Me gusto el libro, quizas no el mejor libro que eh leido pero si me gustaria leer el siguiente. El final no me gusto de hecho no sabia que este libro era el primero de una trilogia, asi es como ya saben me dejo asi como que???  que paso??? no paso nada de nada, con eso me refiero a que no me dejo tan picada en leer mas, y a la vez si quiero leer mas. No se la verdad es un final raro muy seco sin altas ni bajas. Este libro no lo compraria a menos que estuviera super barato, mejor esperare a que llegue a la biblioteca. ^_^

En mi viaje a Mexico cuando visite un mall, me encontre con el tercer libro de "This Man" la serie. "Mi Hombre" en español. Me emocione mucho primero porque es muy raro encontrar una libreria en algunas partes de Mexico (en especial de donde soy yo). Estaba a punto de no comprarlo porque 1ra estaba muy caro $28 dolares! y 2da es que tenian nada mas el tercer libro! pero bueno al final lo compre porque a mi si me encanto esta trilogia la verdad. Me volvio loca de angustia, me dio dolor de cabeza en el tiempo que lo lei pero pues igual asi de masoquista soy y si me gustaron mucho jeje

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pideme lo que Quieras, Ahora y Siempre

Libro # 2 de la trilogia de Megan Maxwell

Si ustedes leyeron mi reseña/review del primer libro ya sabes masomenos de que es lo que se trata este libro o dale click aqui. Pideme lo que quieras es un libro muy fuerte en terminos que yo nunca habia pensado con respecto al sexo. De verdad que una persona nunca termina de aprender en esta vida! Al principio si me hizo un poco pesado pero a la vez la historia lo recompensa, es una historia facil de leer y divertida. A mi por lo general me gustan libros que desde el primer capitulo me atrapen en la historia y me hacen querer leer mas. Estos libros son asi,  desde el comienzo me atraparon y asi continuaron durante todo el libro. Este segundo libro quiza un poquito menos pero aun asi lo termine. En este libro # 2 no hay tanto sexo pero cuando lo hay lo hay, me entienden? jeje Ahora en esta historia es mas como los problemas que Eric y Jud estan pasando como pareja, hay celos, esta Flyn el sobrino consentido esta la familia y valla muchas cosas mas. En este libro es mas como ellos dos Eric y Jud dos polos opuestos trabajan en  sus diferiencias. A veces como que me quedaba asi como que??? que paso? Judith me ponia histerica por ser tan dramatica, pero de algun modo la entendia. La verdad si me gusto, pienso que faltaron cosas por discutir como la enfermedad de Eric, pero nada tan importante. Lo que me parecio raro es el final, ese si parecio final jeje espera no me estoy explicando bien terminaron felices! pero se supone que falta otro libro y como que no me atrae mucho leerlo porque lo feliz ya paso. Tu sabes en una trilogia el primer y segundo libro por lo general terminan catrastoficamente porque el verdadero y feliz final es hasta el ultimo libro. A mi si me gustaron estos libros pero no creo que compraria el tercero, mejor me espero hasta que llegue a la biblioteca y asi tomarlo. Para esas personas que no les gusto tanto las partes intimas quizas este libro les guste mas. Y claro que seguire leyendo mas sobre esta autora ^-^

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pideme lo que Quieras

..but I am here! I also have been reading but most of them Spanish books. There is a book in particular that caught my attention and really liked it. The book is called Pideme lo que Quieras (Ask me whatever you want) by the Spanish author Megan Maxwell.
Now let me just tell you that this book is erotic! OMG I didn't know that this book was going to be this hot! We got the book at the library where I work, and obviously I had no idea the type of book that it was. But let me tell you that this book is hotter than Fifty Shades of Grey, hotter than the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day and a bit hotter than the This Man Series. Now since this book is in Spanish I am going to write my review in Spanish. I think I have a link above this page in case you want to translate this. ------>

El libro que termine de leer se llama Pideme lo que Quieras de Megan Maxwell. Este es el primer de tres libros. Cuando el libro llego a la biblioteca donde yo trabajo lo vi y la portada me llamo la atencion. Una portada simple, parecida a los de Twilight or Crepusculo, pero ahi abajito dice no apto para menores de 18 años y pues eso me llamo mas la atencion. El libro empieza cuando Judith ve a su jefa y un compañero de la oficina en una situacion muy comprometedora en el parking del trabajo. Desde ahi la autora me llamo la atencion y tuve una idea del tipo del libro que era. Este libro es quizas mas fuerte que el de Cincuenta Sombras de Grey, mas que los libros de Silvya Day, este libro es erotico, lleno de morbo y sexo! Yo no sabia lo juro!!  hay unas partes que esta muy fuerte la verdad, (y mas si no tienes una mente abierta) pero la historia es buenisima. Ahi la heroina o la persona fuerte es Judith, ella es una española fuerte, que se anima a todo! Que tiene una boca que nunca la puede cerrar (literalmente) jeje es super honesta y gritona. A veces como que se pasaba de dramatica jeje pero una persona muy real.  Eric es un Aleman que viene a visitar las empresas que su padre le dejo y obviamente es donde conoce a Judith.  Es el hombre que la enseña a muchas cosas que ella nunca (ni yo) se imaginaria que existieran. Ellos juntos van a vivir un monton de fantasias sexuales que te dejaran con la boca abierta! La verdad no quede "enamorada" de Eric como quede por Cristian Grey <3 pero el es igual de fuerte y terco como los demas.  La verdad que les recomiendo este libro si esque te gusta este tipo de libros. Si tu creiste que Cincuenta sombras esta fuerte, creo que este libro esta mucho mas! Ahora estoy en el libro #2. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take A Chance

Awe How I miss Abbi Glines!!

This is her latest book from the Rosemary series!! So if you like and follow her books, then this is one of the most anticipated ones. I was waiting for this one Whoot whoot!!

This book is about Grant and Harlow ooh…and Nan. Who doesn't love Grant? He was there since the very beginning, from the very first book, and first page of Fallen too Far? Yes! Grant was the one who surprised Blair on her truck, and she pulled out a gun to him. I have always love him, he has a little something, we know he is hot, he has long hair (which I love), he is funny, and now after this book I love him more!

There has been a little bit of his story  in almost all the books, but the one before this one, had a little bit more of him, and when he met Harlow, Kiro's precious girl. (Kiro, is the main singer of Slack Demon). Obviously I knew that something was going to happen between Grant and Harlow, but there is always Nan, always wanting what everybody has. Remember that Nan is the other unwanted daughter of Kiro's. This book is everything that I was hoping for. There is mystery A LOT of mystery on Harlow's life. There is lots of drama because of Nan, and there is a lot of HOT and steamy parts throughout . I loved this book! You know I really love this Rosemary series, and it's really hard to pick one of the books, but this book specially this one of the top ones of the list!!!
I will say that I was hoping for a better cover. So this is my options or how I picture Grant on my head. 

Ooh this imagination of mine lol

Friday, February 21, 2014

I am Ruined

Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken

OMG!! I finished reading this book last night and I LOVED it!!!!

This is not a naughty or sexy book. This is actually a really sad story :( I am not going to spoil it for you because this is one book that you have to read. It is a really easy to read, love the story and all the characters in it. This book is really well written. It kind of has the same feel as The Fault in Our Stars it is a sad but funny story. I really don't want to talk about the book because you have to read it!!. I am going to say though, that it had me into tears at the end of the book. Just a beautiful book!!! And take a look at the cover!!! This book has A LOT of  reviews in the Goodreads website Click Here and it is always on the top of the list for most romantic, best books, must read books. Oh! and next book is coming up March 4th, at least I don't have to wait long :D


Edge of Disaster

 Edge of Disaster by A.M Hargrove  is a free book from iTunes. 

I would say that I love my free books that i download from iTunes. Most people might think that because they're free, they're not good, but i have found some amazing books that I have love and review for you Click Here. I been wanting to read something like Fifty Shades or This Man, a really steamy book (if you know what I mean) but I haven't found anything like that just yet. One of the new things that I like to do is visit goodreads.com to have some ideas. 

So I started reading this book and I was so excited at the beginning, but at the end not so much. This book is about Alexia a girl who has suffer the lost of her fiancee in a car accident. Her family blames her for it, she blames herself for it, so she becomes a bad girl, by partying, using drugs and being with several guys. This is until she meets Pearce Middleton. Pearce is a well know Doctor and comes from a really wealthy family, she soon falls for him and he does too for her. Pearce knows Alexia's dark life, but wants to help her overcome her terrors. Now, this book is weird, the reason I didn't like so much was because:

First: Pearce falls for her way to quick
Second: Pearce is a wealthy person but certainly does not talk like one. I think he was way too normal, nothing sensual, nothing sexy. 
Third: Alexia was a waitress at the beginning of the book and at the end became a really important person at her new job. 

It is like the author wanted to throw everything in it so quick, and there is actually not a great story. Really common ending. But do not get me wrong, if I kept reading the book is because it had some good things to it. Some interesting parts, but nothing that big or exciting. This is not one of my favorites...

Everybody has their own opinions, there are a lot of good reviews about this book in the  goodreads website
Click Here to read them. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scars and something else...

Hello there!!

For those people who follow my blog, you might notice my absence. But you may also know that this is normal for me, specially after a good book or a bad one. Yes, I have been reading, nothing that big or exciting, unfortunately, but I have been reading. One of the books that I read was a non fiction Spanish book, and it was about this Mexican actress and her struggles with her love life. The book is called Soltera pero no Sola by Claudia Cervantes in case if you wonder.

Another good book (if you can called it good because it's a sad story) is Scars by Cheryl Rainfield.  Kendra is a sad and lonely fifteen year old who was raped by an unknown person, ever since she was 3 years old, until she was 12. Even so she has being raped over and over, her mind is represing the memories and does not want to know (I guess) who her abuser is. She only remembers little fragments.  Now that she is older and and through help from her therapist, she is starting to remember more and more. There is so much going on right now on her life, she knows that she has being follow and to cope from her fears she is cutting herself. This is until she finds help from another lonely girl and her feelings for her changed from friendship to something else. This is a really an exciting book! There are a lot of secrets, mystery and drama!!!and of course at the end you find out who the abuser is (I actually figured it out right away).