Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take A Chance

Awe How I miss Abbi Glines!!

This is her latest book from the Rosemary series!! So if you like and follow her books, then this is one of the most anticipated ones. I was waiting for this one Whoot whoot!!

This book is about Grant and Harlow ooh…and Nan. Who doesn't love Grant? He was there since the very beginning, from the very first book, and first page of Fallen too Far? Yes! Grant was the one who surprised Blair on her truck, and she pulled out a gun to him. I have always love him, he has a little something, we know he is hot, he has long hair (which I love), he is funny, and now after this book I love him more!

There has been a little bit of his story  in almost all the books, but the one before this one, had a little bit more of him, and when he met Harlow, Kiro's precious girl. (Kiro, is the main singer of Slack Demon). Obviously I knew that something was going to happen between Grant and Harlow, but there is always Nan, always wanting what everybody has. Remember that Nan is the other unwanted daughter of Kiro's. This book is everything that I was hoping for. There is mystery A LOT of mystery on Harlow's life. There is lots of drama because of Nan, and there is a lot of HOT and steamy parts throughout . I loved this book! You know I really love this Rosemary series, and it's really hard to pick one of the books, but this book specially this one of the top ones of the list!!!
I will say that I was hoping for a better cover. So this is my options or how I picture Grant on my head. 

Ooh this imagination of mine lol

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