Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fallen/Never too far

Fallen too Far, definitely one of my favorite books by Abbi Glines.

Blaire, whose mom died a couple of days ago, moves to Rosemary beach looking for her father who she hasn't seen in five years after her twin sister died. Blaire meets Rush, he is the son of a famous rock star and also the eldest son of Georgiana, Blaire's step mother. At first, Rush makes Blaire's life miserable because she thought she was not welcome there. Rush wanted to be away from her because of a secret, he wanted to protect his sister Nan, which is also really mean to Blaire. At the end they both fall in love but soon after she finds out the secret and runs away to her town. I mean all this it's really vague, the way I describe it but  this is an awesome story, I loved it. I definitely add this book as one of my favorite books and I really recommend it.

Never too Far actually came out today! This is the second book. Good, I didn't have to wait too long to read it. I only waited one day to read it after I finished with fallen too far.

This second part is about Blaire coming back to Rosemary beach where Rush lives. There is a good reason why she comes back. Rush is all happy and excited to see Blaire back, but that doesn't mean that she would be with him. Basically this book is about Rush gaining Blaire's trust back but in order for that he needs to do much more. His family is actually the main obstacle between Rush and Blaire. A horrible accident happen that makes this book more interesting and got me crying until the end of the book. The book actually had a nice ending and I am happy how it came out. I can't tell you more because I actually beat Jasmine to read it and I know she wouldn't like me spoiling the story.

Abbi Glines is definitely one of the best authors ever!!!

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  1. Thank you Vero for not spoiling it for me! Actually, I love Rush still. I was mad at the situation but I understood. I did not cry-how weird. But I feel sad today-maybe I'm feeling it now lol :)