Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday, I went to a training in NYC. The training was only for two hours and we got there really early so we walked and walked for more than three hours. I love NY, I love the fashion and I love it churches. The only thing that I don't like going to NY is because I could never find a place to eat. Wait what? Yeah there are a lot of places to eat, but because there are too many I can't never pick one to choose. It always happen.  I never carry cash with me so I couldn't eat from the vending carts, even though the food smell so good. At the end, Denise and I went to a coffee shop and I eat some noodles it was ok but next time I go, I have to ask a real New Yorker for a place to eat. The highlight of the day was definetely when we almost missed our bus, I ran like I haven't run in years just to catch the bus. I am so hurt right now, my legs and butt hurt. I am not in shape at all. Here is a collage of some pictures that I took.

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  1. When in NY you must have pizza. Pizza in NY is a triangle not little squares like CT. Also, in warmer weather you have to have a coconut ice thingy-its my FAV! I just call it coquito- but they have other flavors too. Also, you should have a pretzel and hotdog from someone on the corner with a cart :)