Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hopeless, by Colleen Hoover

Such a beautiful and touching book! This time I won't tell you the whole story, because this book deserves to be read. I can't just tell you, you MUST read it. This is such an emotional book. At first, Sky and Holder's relationship made me laugh a lot, they are so fun!, but then their lives change completely!!.Believe me!, this is not just any book. You can't see it coming! it has such an amazing plot, that makes you anxious but not knowing what's next. The story is not like any other, it is so real. Colleen Hoover really wrote this story so nicely, that makes you think deeper in what's really happening in other people's life. I could really say that this book is one of my favorites, and I really encourage you to read it. This is not just a love story, this is real life.

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