Friday, March 8, 2013

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister

Hello, I'm back!

 I don't know if you notice, but after reading a good book like Never too Far and many others, I feel like I won't be able to find another book as good as the previous one. That's why I take my time in order to read another book. I downloaded a free book yesterday it is kind of short only 10 chapters but it is really good.

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister by Marie Kelly

This is the story of Diona Brown who goes to Greece looking for her younger sister Daryle, who apparently is getting married with a guy who she met a week before. While Diona is waiting for her sister to come to talk to her, this handsome man asked her if she was Miss Brown. Of course Diona said yes, and he assumes that she is Daryle her sister. Nikkias is a multimillionaire and brother of Alexis the guy whom Daryle is in love with, and he is too against the crazy idea of his brother getting married so soon. Well, he doesn't give Diona time to explain that she is not the one dating Alexis and the very same day she gets kidnapped by him in his private island. Obviously, he right away feels attracted to her and she is to him. The story gets better but it's for you to find out.

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