Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ohh Mr. Grey

I did it again! I read the three books again, for some reason I can't get enough of Mr. Grey.

Last week, I started missing Mr. Christian Grey so much, that I decided to read the books once again. I still got all the same emotions book by book, happy, excited you know, the feelings that just Mr. Grey could make you feel.

I love the first book so much because I somehow reflect myself with Anastasia. I like her because she is not ashamed to say whatever she thinks, even though Christian and her are from two different worlds, I like how she is not impressed by anything. The way that she is so inexperience but she stills tries her best and is not afraid of trying new things. I think I would do the exact same thing about everything, I would behave the same way towards Mrs. Robinson and the submissives. I would go crazy and jealous but at the same time I would fight for him and make him change and make him forgive his past.

I also love second book, because despite everything Anastasia still is Anastasia. I also like this book because you could see now a change in Christian life, because of the love that he feels for Anastasia now. And I also like the drama with Mrs. Robinson, Leyla and the parties at the Grey's.

The third book is my favorite. I like all the problems with Hyde, the Honeymoon, the kidnapping of Mia and the coma of Anastasia. A lot more drama. What I like the most is the ending, even after two kids,  Mr. Grey keeps being the same kinky Mr. Grey.

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  1. Awe! I agree. I read them a lot of times too. Nothing compares! Sometimes you just have to reread and reread again :)