Saturday, April 13, 2013

11 Minutes

I just finished reading 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho for second time but this time in Spanish

This book is about Maria, a prostitute. Maria is from a small town in Brazil whose dreams are really high, and travels to the big city looking for something more. It wasn't love what she was looking for, it was fame, money, and adventure. Maria travels to Switzerland as a prostitute, she learns how to speak French and talks about her fascination for sex, not love, just sex. She explains that sex is just about about 11 minutes of her life trying to get to find a way of release. She thinks of that until one day she finds a famous painter who looks at her for her inner light. They talked and discover that sex is more than that and they fall for each other. What I like about this book is that is not just a love story, this is about real life. Her life is sad and lonely she loves that famous painter but she knows that he is not for her, that he is just a dream. At the end of the year she decides to go back to Brasil. This is a good book to read, we could look at prostitution with a different perspective (not that prostitution is good) but it helps you look at it in a different way. It has a good ending.

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