Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reflected in You

Earlier this year a posted a mini review for Bared to you  and Reflected in You by Sylvia Day 

Basically, what I said was that I didn't like the books because they were almost exactly like Fifty Shades. I still think the first book is really similar to Fifty, but I never got to finish reading the second book Reflected in You. Well after reading Fifty Shades for a the third time I wanted to read something similar, so I started reading the second book from the beginning and guess what? I like it!. I could say that the first 30% is still kind of the same thing, Gideon and Eva are seeing each other, falling for one another right away and they continued with their same nightmares and personal problems. The other half of the book gets really excited!

Everything started when Eva was invited to a concert, the band's lead singer was Eva's ex lover, which brings up a lot of drama because she ends up kissing him!!!

Then Eva's friend Cary who gets beaten up by who knows who (we actually find out at the end)

Then the plot! when Nathan( the guy who sexually abused Eva) gets kill and Gideon is acting kind of weird and breaks up with Eva and it has an excellent finish that keeps you wondering what exactly happened and who kill Nathan.

I know this is too vague but this is definitely a good book, mostly the second one. These two books are perfect to read after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, because they are so similar.

         The third book Entwined with you is coming out this June, 2013, I really can't wait to read it!!

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