Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just a Little

Hello there!

I went to Washington DC over this weekend with my family and it was really beautiful. A lot of places to visit  in just a weekend, it wasn't enough. There were 6 hours of driving and a took advantage of that time to read 4 mini series by  Tracie Puckett

The first book is called Just a Little Crush and I was hooked right away, yes this book is not naughty or anything. This book is just about Julie Little who is in high school, and she needs to do her community service in the police department for a school project. OK, well she meets Luke who is really mad because he needs to work with a high school student and obviously he thinks it's just a waste of time. What I like about this book is that Julie and Luke work together but they're both really stubborn, and they're always fighting with each other. Like the tittle of this book Julie has a little crush on him and he knows it, that why he gives her a hard time hehe.


The other books are really good too, when finish one it makes you want to read the other one right away. The books are just $.99 ea and they are 4 of them.
The second book is called Just a little Embrace, the third book is Just a little Sincerity, and the last one is Just a little Promise. 

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