Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twisted Perfection

OMG!!! One of my favorite books!!!

Twisted Perfection is the third book after Fallen too far and Never too Far by Abbi Glines. Those two books were already on my top favorite list. She is deff one the best!!

This book is so hot! I always liked Woods, even from the first book when he was in love with Blaire but she ended up choosing the bad guy. So it is good that Abbi wanted to write about the good guy who ends up lonely. She actually twisted everything he is so naughty in this book and that's what I liked about it, that he is so nice but so different from the first two books. In this book Woods has a one night stand with Della, who is passing through Rosemary town looking for adventure, and at the same time leaving the terrors from her past life. They actually had an amazing time together, idk how many times they did it and this book is really explicit about. Well, she leaves town leaving a mark on Woods life. Woods is actually getting engage when Della comes back and just can't continue, this is a must to read!! I really loved the book

OMG and that ending!! I can't wait for Fall (Not that I want the summer to be over) but I want to read it so bad!!

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