Sunday, May 26, 2013


Divergent by Veronica Roth

Yes! I finally read another book!! OMG I was so ashamed of not reading anything lately.  I did started some books but none of them got my attention. I don't know what was wrong with me! I was so into the makeup stuff and tutorials that instead of reading I got to watch makeup tutorials, what a shame :/ 
Ok well about two days ago while I was at work, I found this book whose cover is really similar to the Hunger Games. I started reading it and it really was a lot similar like the hunger games, but I liked it since the beginning too, so I read a little bit in a hard copy then I went home and downloaded it. For some reason it seems easier for me to read it in my phone or iPad. 
Ok, well the story is about Beatrice who lives in the Abnegation faction. There are 5 Factions and they are all different from each other like Beatrice's faction believe in selflessness, they are all helping people and they don't believe in outside beauty. They all wear the same colors to identify themselves and cover their heads and the kids are not suppose to talk to their parents or ask any questions. Another Faction is  the Dauntless who are the totally opposite from the Abnegation, they are brave and fun and they are the ones that are suppose to take care of the city like the guardians. Candor Faction is all about telling the truth, they are not suppose to lie, they have to be honest at all the times. The Erudite Faction, are the intelligent ones, they study and are the doctors of the city, the inventors etc... The Amity are the peace keepers, they are the gardeners, the ones that bring the food and more. Ok,well at the age of 16 all the kids are suppose to choose one of these Factions in a ceremony. They all, one by one take a Aptitude test and depending of their results, they get to choose a Faction. Well Beatrice is different, after her test inclusive results gets to choose not one but three of the factions. She is a Divergent, which is really dangerous and the story explains why. There is also a little bit of a love story <3 I really like the book, I am reading part two already its called Insurgent and I am almost half way through it. I really recommend these books, I kind of picture a movie about these books. It would be really cool! 

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