Monday, June 17, 2013


For those who didn't know... I just came back from Mexico!!

I feel kind of down right now..I missed my city, my country already..It happens every time i come back from there. It just that Mexico has so much energy, I didn't stop all day.. from grocery shopping, to just go walk and find a lot of food on the way. Yes! Food everywhere, you don't really have to cook, you could find food in every corner. Parks full of people, some playing soccer, some other playing baseball, doing Zumba and exercise. Mexico is so full of energy, you could really see it everywhere. People working under the sun all day, believe me under temperatures like 100* degrees. My daughter also was really happy, free! She played outside all day, ride in the back of the truck (don't tell my husband) and getting wet all day playing with the Kelly the dog. I really had a blast!

Here are some pictures :D

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