Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I feel so bad because I haven't read any book lately. Right now I am freaking obsessed with make-up tutorials in YouTube. I am buying makeup and I am not supposed to :(

What I need is to go back to reading and forget about buying makeup for a while. Also, because I use my money on makeup, I haven't bought This Girl by Colleen Hoover which came out April 30th. There is also another book that I am so looking forward to it which is Entwined to You. The third book of the Crossfire Novels by Sylvia Day and it comes out on June 4th, but I'll be in Mexico when it comes out.

I have some great news btw, when I come back from vacations I will be starting a new job!!! I am excited and nervous and happy and everything at the same time : D

A lot of exciting things these coming months, my best friends are also getting married on July 4th! Definitively the Wedding of the year and I am one of the bridesmaids :)

One sad thing though.... One of my best friends Joanne is leaving me to go to Miami this Saturday :( I am so happy for her though, because this would be a nice experience but I would miss her so much. In Miami she would have a different energy, there is so much to do over there and it would be good for her and I can go visit her any time hehe

Here are some pictures...

First this Joanne and my daughter

This is Giuliana and me when I was pregnant

This is my best group of friends(including Joanne and Giuliana again)

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