Monday, April 29, 2013

Washington DC

You know what???? I still can't get over the weekend trip to DC.

I am seriously thinking on moving over there, but I heard it is an expensive city and right now I just can't. It was my first trip to DC and it was awesome. My family and I stayed in the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, just 2-3 minutes walking to the Capitol and the National Mall area. For those people who never been in Washington the National Mall is basically a huge park with lots of museums surrounded and if you continue, then you would get to the Washington Monument, the Tomas Jefferson monument and Abraham Lincoln monument. I would advise you to go for more than a weekend to see most of the museums and parks. We also went to the Smithsonian Zoo and it was a pretty long walk too, a lot of people as well, but the lines to see the exhibitions were going by quicker than I expected. Whenever you go please bring really comfortable shoes and clothing, cash to buy food from the vending trucks and an umbrella. I tell you something we were at a corner store right across the hotel buying food, and when we were almost leaving, it started to rain so much but really like a storm rain and just to cross the street to the hotel we were super wet, the street look like rivers (not kidding) but it was awesome. The hotel was really nice, really chick and modern, and really expensive. I paid around $500 for two nights, at first me and my husband were going by ourselves so that was a fair price because I kind of look at it like a honeymoon. Then my parents and daughter decided to join us and that's when I didn't want to pay that much money. Well, it was worth it we were really close to everything, and the museums and parks were free so we basically just pay for the food and hotel. We actually went to the Restaurant in the Hotel Art & Soul, and I didn't like it. It was too expensive for my taste and the food wasn't that great (this is from me and my husband). We ordered Salmon and it was just the Salmon with some mushrooms idk I didn't like it, so we paid around $100 just for the two of us. The service was great, not a lot of choices in the menu but that's it. Washington was a great experience I would definitively would go back and I truly recommend it for a getaway vacations.

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