Monday, July 15, 2013

Dark House

Last week I read Dark House (First Book of Experiments in Terror) by Karina Halle

Is a freaking scary book! haha I liked the book but I had a hard time reading it at night. I wanted to stop reading but I just couldn't do it!! Actually, Perry the main character was brave like me haha She was scared and her mind told her not to do it, not to look for the evil but she did anyway. Ohh well, overall the book was entertaining. I really don't understand why Jasmine has Dex as one of her book boyfriends hehe I thought he was an ass! I don't know if I will continue with these books. I started reading Red Fox but I just switched to read This Girl by Colleen Hoover and so far so good.

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  1. About time woman! Yes, Dex is an ass but it gets a lot better. He comes full circle. he is not all perfect like the men we are used to from our other books LOL. I think this book is a little hard to get into but once you do the others are soooooo good. :) xoxo