Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A few more books

Over these past weeks, I have read some books and my eyesight is acting a little weird.  I am actually going to see an eye doctor this Saturday, I think I might need glasses real soon. For some reason I like to read ebooks instead or hard cover books and I think is kind of damaging my eyes. Well, I guess it was about time too, I am most of the time in front of my computer or my cellphone.

The first book that I read was Insurgent, book # 2 after Divergent. I also found out that the movie is coming out next year in 2014! Woot woot! As I said in my other blog, this book sounded a lot like the Hunger Games and people are actually comparing it to those books as well. I knew it! ok well. I am looking forward for it! This book # 2 is really good as well, a lot of things happened and Tris the main character grows up a lot and becomes a powerful fighter. The book is good and I have the feeling that the movies would be better :)

Second book is for all those Pretty Little Liars fans! Yes! you know that I am a FAN! even my husband watches it, he complains of me watching it, but at the end he watches it too hehe. I wanted the read the whole series of books but I couldn't. The show is a little different from the books, so I skipped all of them and went straight for the very last one. Ali's Pretty Little Lies, is Ali's (the dead girl) point of view and it goes from the very first beginning. It has really good info! and if the show follows this book, that means that....I know who killed Ali! But I am not telling you! it is really good!!!

The third book OMG Entwined with You!! Eva and Gideon are so HOT!! Not a lot of things happen in this book actually. Only until the end the book spice up a little more. For some reason, I still think that these books are not as good as Fifty Shades, but they are really close.

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