Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Isabel Allende

Do you know who Isabel Allende is? Well, she is really well know  Spanish author. Why the heck didn't I know about her??? She is amazing!! I know I have been using that word a lot lately, but I mean it. I actually need to start reading more Spanish books and Spanish authors. I read this book call Amor, and this book it's full of stories from all her books divided in 4 different topics. The first one is call Amor, the second one is Primer Amor, third one is Pasion and Celos, Amores Contrariados y por ultimo la Madurez. The book made me laugh since the very first page, it is really entertaining! If you read Spanish this is a good book to read, or you could read one by one. She also has her books translated in English.

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