Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yeah, I think it was about time to finally share some of the stuff that I have learn about makeup. After all the YouTube videos and magazines and all the good stuff, this is what I've learn. I think I have a little bit of everything, I don't have a lot but I have a mix from professional and expensive makeup to drugstore makeup. The difference about these two is the price only, we could find some good stuff at the drugstore. Ok, I will show you some of the makeup foundations that I have and I will review it for you. These for example:
L'Oreal true match, Cover Girl clean whipped crème and M.A.C. pro longwear foundation.

1. L'Oreal true match is really good! I have the W5 I think it might be a little too light, next time I'll buy the W5 1/2 or the W6 ( has those 1/2). I bought mine at CVS for $10.99, and Walgreens has it for the same price however, Target has it for $8.99. It last all day and looks natural, this is what I wear everyday.

2. Cover Girl whipped cream cost me $8.79 at CVS. I like it, but my face gets really oily during the day, I have to apply powder during thorough the day.

3. M.A.C. the only wrong thing about this is the price hehe it cost $31 at the MAC store, but I actually found another store that sells them. The Clinton outlets has a small makeup store, kind of like Sephora or Ulta that has the good stuff but way cheaper. I saw this one for $17! almost half of price. I love this foundation! it last all day and it looks really natural, it doesn't get my face oily. I kind of use this on special occasions now, since I'm  almost done with it or on Sundays when I want to look flawless :)

I like CVS because it usually gives you money back, I buy something and it gives me like some cvs bucks and I could re-spend it on something else. One time I got $20 cvs bucks! Actually my new makeup store is Target! they have really good deals. Almost $2 difference on that L'Oreal true match and my new favorite lip balms Maybelline color Whisper for $5.99 and CVS has those for $7.99 so Target has better prices.  Actually you'll be surprise that Bed Bath and Beyond has the same price as Target! who would of thought!! really, they have everything! even I found this real Techniques brush for $7.99 (Ulta has it for 8.99)

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