Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 Free books

Hello there!

This past week I read two really good FREE books. I have downloaded those books a while back and since I didn't know what to read so I read those, and there were really amazing!

The first book is "The rock star's daughter" by Caitlyn Duffy. This book is about Taylor, a girl whose mom just died and she gets send to live with her father, who is a well known Rock Star.  This is not a typical book and it actually does not have a predicted ending.  Taylor accompanies her dad in this Tour together with her step mother and step sister, but this new life does not suit her at all. The only things that keeps her going is this guy who works selling t-shirts at the tour. Being the daughter of a rock star is not easy for Taylor, and there are a lot of problems and drama that comes with it. This is a short book, but it is really good.

Second book is called "Promise you won't tell? by John Locke. This book is amazing!!!!! This could definitely be a movie! The book starts with Riley Freeman, a girl who suspects got molested in one of her friends sleepover.  Riley seeks help from Dani Ripper a young, beautiful and bright private investigator (as she describes herself), and that's it. I can't tell no more, this book has a twist in the story, and it is surprising good! Full of drama and and shocking ending!! This is a must read book. 

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