Monday, December 2, 2013

This Man


Wow!!! This book is intense! I really felt like as if I was reading Fifty Shades, but a different story. The author Jodi Ellen Malpas writes really similar to E. L. James, really!! so you must imagine what kind of book this is!!! Well  Jodi is also British but she uses it a little more of the English slang, (I guess) I didn't understand some of the words, but thanks to the technology of eBooks, I just highlighted the word and got the definition :D
"This Man" is about Ava (an interior designer) and Jesse a super mega rich, hot, over protected, charming, confident, conceited man!!! he has everything!!!! but on the bad side (if you see it like this) he owns a freaking sex house!! which brings a lot of problems to their "relationship". Ava  has her own things too, she is a size 10 but really confident as well, she is a amazing interior designer and has worked with powerful people such as Jesse. She knows that Jesse is trouble and wants to get away, but he is really, really intense and do not want to let Ava go!! 

I love the book!! this is the first  of three books and I'm already reading # 2 "Beneath This Man". One thing though this book is really long! 2, 200 something pages on an eBook! I don't remember how many for the "Fifty Shades" but it is worth it!! so worth it!!

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