Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Four is the newest book from the Divergent series from Veronica Roth

This book is about how Tobias became Four, this is his part of the story and how he became Dauntless. The book was really well written, a really easy and fast read. Like I mention before, I don't personally like to read the same story from somebody else's perspective. I think it is a little boring specially if it's the male character who is telling the story. But I liked this book, I think it was really awesome for Veronica to give us more of Four. I guess a lot of people started to like him because of the movie, but I have always like him since the books, and of course I wanted to know more of him. This books describes him really well, you understand his personality a lot more. The book also contains two new scenes that were not in the Divergent book.

Now that I read this book it got me thinking that some of the major people from the Divergent book and the "Four" book were not in the Divergent movie. I don't know the reasons why the producers decided not to include Tobia's best friend Zeke and his brother Uriah, but in this book they also played a big role.

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