Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Rush by Maya Banks

You know I have heard a lot about this author, she is really popular in the romantic, erotic kind of books, so I decided to take a look to one and I was like huh it's not that bad. I know I always mention this, but after reading Fifty Shades you either expect much more from another book of it's kind. You always compare the other books to Fifty Shades. So I chose this trilogy to start with her books, and I thought they were pretty good. These books were not as intense as I was expecting and I like that. You know you get to a certain point were reading the same kind of staff is tiring. I actually skip all the intimate parts now, I find them all the same!

Ok, well this book is about Gabe and Mia, of course Gabe is the wealthy, passionate, the cold one (they should try to make a book that the girl is the wealthy, passionate and demanding, so she could pervert the poor, intelligent, and virgin guy) Now that I mention it,  imagine a book about Elene Lincoln aka Mrs. Robinson from Fifty Shades of Grey, it would be awesome to read her story!!! I'm going off topic again!! Gabe is a wealthy man, who likes to have his personal life really private, and have the girls sign a contract which specify what kind of pleasures they can have with him. (sounds familiar?) Mia is the sister of one his company partners Jace which Mia and Gabe know each other since she was a young girl. Now that Mia is 24 she is old enough to have a relationship with Gabe. Of course Gabe has always been Mia's love since she was a teen and doesn't think twice when Gabe asks her to join her on her guilty pleasures. Mia decides to go for it, but after a uncomfortable situation involving different people, Mia decides that that kind of life is not her and the book goes on with Gabe changing some things for her, until they both happy and together. This is an OK book, like i said nothing really different. I just can't help but compared all the books, they all have the same problems, the same drama, the same characters. I know the second book Fever this book is all about Jace, Mia's brother and the third book is about Ash, Jace's best friend who also works for Gabe. I might give it a try.  

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