Friday, October 3, 2014

A Beautiful Dark

by Jocelyn Davies

OMG! This book will be the next movie saga! This book remind me so much to the twilight trilogy except there is no vampires and no werewolves lol. There are two handsome guys fighting for a girl though. These two are not some regular high school guys, these are different in another way, they have a special assignment. Skye is a girl with plans, she knows that if she wants to make it for Columbia University she needs to work for it. She was doing great until these two guys showed up to her life. She is torn between these two handsome and totally different from one another. Asher is dark, spontaneous, and wild, but Devin brings her calm, care and he is fair. There is a reason why they came looking for her, a mystery, a purpose. I seriously loved this first book, of course I am reading part 2 and 3. I can really picture that these trilogy would make an excellent movie saga.

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This would be my Asher

And this my Devin (Douglas Booth)

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