Saturday, September 27, 2014

Say what you will

by Cammie McGovern

I just finished reading this book, and I don't know what to think of it. Part of me loves it, and the other not so much. This book is about Amy a disabled girl, who is really smart, writes beautifully stories, but she is alone. By disabled I mean because she cannot walk without her walker, she cannot talk without her computer, and she cannot have friends because of this. There is also Matthew, another student with problems of his own, he has a problem that has been increasing over the time. Amy and Matthew has know each other since 2nd grade, but had never the courage to talk to one another. Now, on their Senior year they get to do it, and they discover that have a lot more in common than they ever thought. I love the beginning of the book, the ending not so much, something happened before the end that I was not expecting and the ending even more. This book has a
The Fault in Our Stars feel, in case if you want to read.

 btw I loved the cover of the book!

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