Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7th Anniversary


Today is my husband's and I, 7th Anniversary, we have been married for only two years but it's been seven years since we first went out. I met Seth when I was 18,  at my church, his parents were the ones who introduced us. It was Sunday, and his parents were going to have a barbeque in their house, his father came up to me and invited me, but I was new in the church and I didn't know anybody so I didn't go. The following week, his mother came up to me and invited me to her house for dinner. It was kind of weird I didn't know her and of course I was about to say no, but another woman from church told me that her husband cooks really good that I should go, I looked at my mom, I wanted her to say no for me but she agreed. I don't really remember what else happened that day. I don't remember what I ate and I don't remember talking to Seth. What I remember was when Carmen told Seth that I was coming over and he gave me an stinky face, but I didn't feel bad at all, we did exchange e-mails after all.  After a couple of weeks we went out for the first time, he took me to the mall, he was so quiet all the time that I felt bad, I thought that maybe his parents obligated him to go out with me, we passed by the Apple store and the new iPod Nano recently came up, I told him that I wanted one and he just said that they were nice. The following Sunday when we were at church, he asked me to go with him to the parking lot and he gave me a little box, I opened it and it was the iPod Nano! Of course I told him that I couldn't accepted but he insisted, so I took it. We started dating on January 29th, 2006. All this years have been great, I couldn't ask for anything else. We are so different, he is so patient with me, he is so funny, he makes me laugh all the time, I love him because of that. I also love when he gives me my daily massages and when he cooks for me. He is the greatest husband, I couldn't ask for anybody else. Clearly, he is the one, God send him to me. I love you Seth Ivan Ramos.

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