Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fifty Shades (Cont.)


Ok, well after reading Fifty Shades of Grey twice, I read two books called Bared to You, and Reflected in You. These two books are really similar to Fifty Shades, kind of naughty books. This is about a rich girl who falls in love with another rich guy, and they both have some personal problems that they need to work on, and so on. Other than that, those books didn't impressed me as much as Fifty Shades. I thought that maybe the author read Fifty Shades and wanted to do basically the same story and  just change some things around. (That's my opinion).

Another trilogy that I read was The Hunger Games. When I started reading the first book, I got lost really quickly. I didn't know if to continue reading the book or just watch the movie. I decided to wait, and watch the movie. It was then, when I understood what I was reading and I got more excited about the books. The second book, went by a little more smooth, and I love the third book as well. (I can't wait for the movies).

Another two books that I also recommend by Colleen, Hoover. Slammed and Point of Retreat. These books are really sad in some way because Lake, a high school girl moves from Texas to Michigan, and after a while Lake and her little brother faced with the death of their mother. She also meets Will, her neighbor who also lives only with his little brother after the lost of his parents.  They soon fall in love, but their relationship gets complicated because they both have to act like parents with their short age.

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