Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recent Books

New Books!

These three books by Abbi Glines, Existence, Predestined and Ceaseless.

Pagan, a high school girl who sees lost souls. She does not know why she sees these creatures, the lost souls don't talk to her, but she knows they are there. It was until one day, after vacations when she saw this really cute guy, who she knew it was a soul or she thought he was a soul, but this time he talked to her. Dank, was not a lost soul, he was DEATH and he was there to take her. Dank and Pagan started talking, she liked him since the very first moment she saw him and Dank felt the same way for her. It was then, when Pagan had a car accident where she was supposed to die, but he saved her. Pagan was dating Leif another cute, high school student but there is more of him a lot more that we found out more on the second book Predestine.

For some odd reason, I confused book three for book two and  I read book three Ceaseless.

I was  a little confused at the beginning, because it seamed that the book started brand new again. Pagan didn't know who Dank was, but Dank was still in love with Pagan. One of Pagan's high school friend Weight had died and I had no idea why and how he died. (all that is also in book two).
It is really hard to understand how can a real human can fall in love with DEATH. The week when I started reading the books I was scared. I don't really get scared by ghost or death, but the books go a little more detail about all of this, that make you think  more about life after death.  I finished with book three and I obviously didn't go back and read book number two, but there were some things that I was confused. At the end I decided to go back and read it, and I am glad because it clarified a lot of things that I didn't understand from book three.



  1. Ok, you know I'm a sucker. I was in LOVE with Death Mr Dankmar was my favorite. He was my book boyfriend for about a month! ;)

  2. haha I would be scared to date him, at first I like Leif but after I know what he is, I rather stay with Dank too.