Friday, February 1, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hi again!

First of all, I would like to thank my very good friend, Jasmine. She is the one who introduced me to all these books. I have always like to read, but after meeting her, now I love to read. We are really similar in some ways, we both fall in love with the guys from the books and get all emotional so excited, mad, and even sad.
I want to start with my very favorite book from all the times. Fifty Shades of Grey the trilogy. I love those books! These books are addicting, I couldn't sleep just to read more and more.  I remember after I finished  I still couldn't stop thinking about them at all. It hasn't been another book like this one that would excite me the same way. Well yes the twilight books, but these are definitely in a different topic. My friend Jasmine advise me to re-read the books so it could help me with my anxiety. Does this sound weird to you? If you have read this trilogy then yes it is weird, but also you know exactly what I mean. 
When we heard that E. L. James was planning on making the movie, we soon started looking for actors who would be good to play Gray's and Anastasia role.

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  1. Awe thanks Veronica! I too love Mr. Grey. He is the most awesome book boyfriend of all time :)