Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ombre highlights

Another reason why I haven't been able to finish reading, it's because I been trying to do this
Ombre Highlights to my hair and it took longer than I expect it. The Ombre Highlights or the Californian Highlights is when you have a lighter color in your hair, like brown on top and blonde on the bottom. I am doing all this by myself and I have a lot of hair so I wasn't able to finish all in one day, actually it took me about three days to finish it. If you want to know how to do it or what to buy I'll leave you the list of basic things to do, but be really careful because if you hair is dark you are going to have to bleach it and it could really damage your hair. This is the YouTube video that I found and gave me an idea of how to do the highlights.

To bleach your hair you need:
Salon Care 30 volume creme and Salon Care Quick white super-strength powder lightener.
Mix the two formulas together and apply it to the area that you want to be lighter. Please be careful and use gloves when applying because the powder is really strong and itchy.

This is how it came out. :)

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