Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Another cheap book that I found in iBooks called Noah by Elizabeth Reyes.

I downloaded the sample of this book, just to see how it was and right away caught my attention. I read the first two free chapters and then I paid only $2.99 for it.

This book is about Veronica a 28 year old, apparently comes from Mexican family and who is overweight. Veronica's mother had just passed away a few months ago of Cancer. During this time, Veronica abandoned all her social life, her job, her boyfriend left her, she gave everything away just to take care of her mother. Now that her mother died she wanted to start all again. Veronica's best friend Nellie, invited her to go with her to a small gym. Noah is a boxer and also Veronica's trainer, he is handsome young man who seems really mature for his age (he is 19, turning 20). There is a instant connection between both of them. Veronica losses around 35 pounds in weeks, she gets all nice in shape. Little by little her life comes back to "normal" with Noah's help, he falls for her obviously but there is a lot more drama. It is a really good book. I liked it since the very beginning and  I highly recommend it. Noah, also has some friends and they all have a book, I am going to look for them.

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  1. one of my favorite book blogs is www.maryse.net she loved this book. I havent read it yet. I get a lot of books to read from her reviews. :)