Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ted's Steam Burgers

OMG! I just had an amazing Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with steam cheese from Ted's.

They are absolutely amazing!

Today, my husband and I were looking for somewhere different and delicious to eat. He was already in a bad mood because he was hungry, I hate when that happens. We have been craving steam burgers for quiet some time, and we decided that today was the day to try them. There are three locations here in CT, we went to the one in Cromwell. Nice cozy little place, well not too little but nice and cozy. There were three guys today and we got out burgers in less than 15 minutes, first bite and I was hooked. Not too many people today, it could be because it was a weekday or if it is usually like this. If you like cheese, french fries, milkshakes and burgers this is definitively your place.

BTW they have a challenge, would you do it. I might :)


  1. I have to try this! Did you try a milkshake??? sounds yummy!

  2. love the new background by the way!

    1. Jasmine now you have to read my books too! you would like them. I love the background!

  3. Yes I did, I had chocolate milk shake. I actually had the buffalo chicken Sandwich and OMG I loved it!!! Seth had a regular cheeseburger and it was good too. Saydee had home made french fries hehe