Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Play

I have been really busy these past weeks with a play that I directed with the youth of my church.

I am so happy how it came out, we practiced for about two months. I am so thankful with these young kids(not so young) because they have been so patient. It is not easy to find  free time now this days, they are all involve in school and work, but I am glad they found the time to do this play. I played Mary Magdalene about 10 years ago in Mexico, this play changed me in so many ways. I changed as a christian person, I understood that this is what I want to do. I want to be a servant of God, I want to work with the youth. This is what makes me happy, it's like an offering from me to God. I know that nobody is perfect in this life, we all make mistakes, but we do have the opportunity to be better. I chose to be better, I have a reason to be better and I believe that I that I have a purpose in this life. Ok, well the play, here it go...

And this is my group of people. Thank you guys!!!

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