Friday, June 21, 2013

Forever too Far

Oh My God!!!!
Why is it that I can read these books so easily??!! I have to say again that Abbi Glines is the best!!
I read some other books before, and some they just took me a little more time to finish. The Abbi Glines books are just so easy, so entertaining so perfect! This book is not an exception, is so good, even though Blaire is so pregnant they still have some hot sex!! Rush is just so into his pregnant fiance that loves everything about her, even if she has her big belly. I know a lot of pregnant ladies look so sexy and pretty, it really gives them that glow! Well the pregnancy time is hard for us, it changes everything about your body. So it would be nice to have a supportive husband who thinks you are sexy anyway. Believe me, it helps a lot! Oh my God, I don't know why I am talking about pregnancy???? I love this book! every part of it! I just love these series and how every book connects with the other one. I know there is another book coming up about Grant and Harlow, I am so ready for it!!

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