Sunday, December 22, 2013

Long Way Home

 Long Way Home by Ann Vaughn

This is the story about Tessa and Shane when they were in kindergarten, and basically Tessa told the little guy that one day they were getting married. Of course a 6 or 7 year old would be scared and wants to get away from her, but in high school they actually end up together. Wait! there is a lot more! Tessa and Shane go on different directions after high school. Shane goes out of town for college and Tessa goes to the army, they do not see each other for some years, until one time that they both ended up back in town for the holidays but they go away once again. Shane and Tessa now being around 28 years or found each other working at the same place for the FBI. They resumed their relationship once again and they end up getting  engaged, but Tessa gets send out to an undercover mission were she suffers a lot of trauma, gets rape and bitten really hard by different people and she blames Shane for not protecting her and there is a lot more to it. Do not think that I have just told you everything there is a lot more! I liked this book because, the story moves so fast, there is a lot going on with their lives and I like that both characters are so strong! That even though a lot of years passed by they still end up together. Another thing, this book is narrated by a third person, so there is a lot more details to the story. 

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