Friday, December 27, 2013


by John Green

This is another book that I chose for my readbox, and it is also being made into a movie for next year.  I am amazed by this book!. I have never read a book like this one, it reminds me of my sister's keeper in a way and some other movies. This is funny yet a sad book, the story it's just something that you don't hear very often, and I love this kind of books that are unexpected.

This book is about Hazel a seventeen year old who has terminal cancer for most of her life. Apparently, she has lived more than what she was supposed to.She doesn't go out, she doesn't go to school anymore, basically not a normal teenager life. Her mom wants her to have a "normal" life, and ends up sending her to  a Cancer Support Group where she meets Augustus Waters, and he changes her life around. It is really hard to explain exactly what happens with this book.  It is really fun and sad at the same time, and this book will get your emotions up and down so watch out. I literally cried like a baby almost at the end of the book! Ohh  and let me tell you the ending is really unexpected.  I fully, truly recommend this book and I think it will make a great movie. I really cannot wait to watch it.

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