Friday, June 20, 2014

Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

This is a quick YA book. This book is good to read if you are in mood of something light and easy to read. Also if you want to read something similar to the Fault in Our Stars by John Green click here for review. This book is about Lucius a high school student who blew his arms off in an attempt to create an explosion.  After the explosion he struggles to fit in at his new school and even with his own family. He knows that all of  this was his fault and he wants to punish himself for it. Instead of prosthetic arms he gets hooks to remind himself of what his mistake, he wants to scare people so they won't talk to him. It almost work except for Aurora who is also a new student in town, Lucius describes her as a dark angel who is beautiful and she is not afraid of him. Aurora wants to learn of what happened to Lucius and at the end she finds out what was Lucius main intention with the explosive he wanted to make. What intentions can someone have when making an explosive? Yeah well that is something you need to find out if you read this book. I liked the book, I didn't love it of course but it was a good and easy read.

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