Monday, June 9, 2014

My Sweetest Escape

My Sweetest Escape by Chelsea M. Cameron

It was one of those days at the library kind of slow day, and you know right in front of my desk something caught my eye then  I saw this book. I started reading it and the author right away sucked me to this story, really nice written and really easy to read. Jos Archer is a girl who is going on a withdrawal in her life, something happened to her that made her changed her life around completely. Jos used to be a model girl, intelligent, pretty the perfect boyfriend, she was involved in different clubs at school until one day something happened and she just felt like giving up. Renee her sister invites her to live with her and her roommates, once there she transfers colleges, and under her sister's supervision she starts to get back up again. But wait! there has to be a guy right? Of course she meets this funny and talented guy who is also hiding some secrets about his past. You will need to find out if these secrets will keep them together or apart. This is a good  and easy story to read,  she also has another New York times bestselling book call My Favorite Mistake in case if you want to read it as well.

I'll leave this link to see the goodreads review on this book.

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