Monday, July 28, 2014


by Sylvia Day

These were two short ebooks, that now are printed in one book. I have had this book at my library for a while and it was until yesterday that I started reading and I finished right away. Whoot whoot! it was actually really good just a little different from the Crossfire trilogy, same as for excitement! This book is about Gianna a restaurateur who is working for a large company in NY. Gianna comes from a very close italian family, and her job is her life until of course a man comes to her life. Jax is Gianna's ex lover who left her two years ago and now due to her new job, he has also come back to her life. But that is not all, he is making Gianna's life miserable and also full of romanticism and love! Really short book compare to the trilogies that I've been reading lately, and I kind of want to read more! I really recommend these books if you're up for something quick and entertaining.

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