Monday, August 11, 2014

Beauty from Surrender

Beauty from Surrender is book # of the Beauty Series by Georgia Cates. I have reviewed the first book here, and I completely love it!

Unfortunately, I barely finish this book. The first part was really good, it was about Laurelyn coming back to the States devastated because Jack Henry didn't follow her. BTW I hated (OK, not hated it, but I got tired of it) the name "Jack Henry", maybe at the beginning it was OK because the name meant something for his mom, but you get into a point that pronouncing both names all the time gets annoying. And talking about names, Laurelyn also changed names all the time thorough the book, firsts she was Page something, then Laurelyn something, then her stage name, then just  " L" then idk so many names! Basically after a couple of months, Jack Henry finds Laurelyn, of course she is kind of famous now and living the life that she always dream of, but after Jack Henry comes back to her life, she doesn't find the singing part fun anymore. She started to notice that the life she has always dream of, was not for There is basically no plot in this second book, nothing exciting worth of talking.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll read book # 3. Book 1 was really good, but this book was really disappointing.

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