Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Easy is a great book by Tammara Webber

It's always good to read a different kind of book that doesn't involve a lot of sex, and this is one of them.  Jacqueline has just broken up from her longtime boyfriend, she is sad and depressed so she decides to get out of a frat Halloween party, on her way to the her truck Buck a schoolmate follows her and tries to rape her, but Lucas comes just in time to rescue her. Later on, she starts to notice Lucas everywhere, at her favorite coffee shop and even a class. What she didn't know was that he has always been there, but she has never notice anybody else but her ex handsome and popular ex Kennedy. Now that her life has turned around she she decides to get back to her feet in a class that she failing, and with the help of her online tutor she gets to do it. While she feels an attraction to her online tutor, she also starts to get feelings for Lucas. At the end you find out that Lucas is keeping some deep secrets. This is a really awesome book if you are in the mood of some romance but not erotic book, this is a great option.

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